Pop up card

A birthday cake with zero calories. My gosh I love cards from Japan! #cute #cbr #canberra #japan #popupcard #food #foodie #foodblog



Jamie’s Italian – dessert

My friend couldn’t get into Jamie’s Italian for dinner while she was in town so I didn’t think she should have to miss out all together, so after Mr. Wei’s we walked over without a reservation to enjoy some dessert. I had only had one dessert here previously and it was one of the best things of the meal so I wasn’t hesitant to try the rest of the dessert menu.

Jamie’s Italian Epic Brownie warm fudgy brownie with amaretto ice cream & caramelised amaretti popcorn ($10.00). The amaretto might have been subtle but for someone who doesn’t like the flavour, it was too much. This dessert was very OTT, rich and very filling.


Trifle fresh strawberries with strawberry jelly, custard & glazed Italian meringue ($10.00). It was hard to scoop through all the layers without making a mess around the tall glass. This is a classic old school dessert but there wasn’t anything special about it except for its glazed Italian meringue hat.



Panna cotta lovely wobbly panna cotta served with a compote of seasonal fruits ($8.50). Probably the nicest dessert of the night, it was very wobbly, not overly sweet with simple flavours.20140223-224459.jpg

Not all these desserts are for me but that means that there is a nice variety on the menu. So far the raspberry frangipane with fresh raspberries & almond filling with creme fraiche ice cream & berry drizzle is my favourite dessert on the menu, followed closely by the panna cotta.