After several attempts of trying to making a booking at Temporada (I think I left three calls on their answering machine at various times), they finally rang back and said that they could reserve a table for four people at 7:30pm on the Thursday with no problems.

It is located next to the Hellenic club in the city which limits you to street parking or parking aaaaaall the way near the court house unless there is a secret space that I’m unaware of? Not the most convenient location.20140307-072343.jpgInside shows very limited seating with a lot of the dining area around the central bar, one side has small tables and raised bar stools and the long length of the wall has table and chairs. I was very happy that we were shown to a table and not the area around the bar.20140307-072354.jpgThe outdoor seating looked flimsy and was made from thin metal, sitting on the high stools on the side or at the bar didn’t look comfortable but the seats we sat on weren’t that great either. Let’s make this meal quick before my bum gets sore.20140307-072410.jpgI like the funky light fittings they have on the wall.20140307-072534.jpgTo start~

House sourdoughand cultured butter ($2.50 each, apparently this is two serves of bread). Was the butter really soft and creamy? Yes, but the one thing it lacked was the touch of salt that gives it that extra oompf and flavour. The bread was cold too making the beginning of the meal off to a bad start. Unless you’re waiting for people and you’re starving, I’d skip ordering the bread.20140307-072550.jpg

20140307-072603.jpgPigs head roll, romesco, coleslaw ($7.00 per roll). I’m not usually drawn to menu items that say ‘pig’s head’ but I thought I’d be adventurous and try this. The pig’s head meat was made into a little patty and I couldn’t even tell it was pork let alone meat from the head. One of the prominent flavours was the charred burnt bun which was unpleasant.20140307-072615.jpg

20140307-072626.jpg20140307-072734.jpgBeef short rib roll, fermented cucumber, horseradish mayo ($8.00 each roll). I could smell the succulent scent of rib when I held the bun up to my face and I thought to myself ‘this was going to be amazing’. It didn’t disappoint, this meal was starting to turn around! YUM YUM YUM! 20140307-072637.jpgI wish I could add scents and flavours to my blog, but I guess you’ll have to come here yourself to get one.20140307-072711.jpg

20140307-072659.jpgI love the bag hooks that they have at the bar but the seats look really uncomfortable to sit on especially during the whole duration of a dinner.20140307-072751.jpgPlates~

Grilled sweet corn, lime butter, coriander ($9.00). Yep you read that right, I paid $9 bucks for a cob of corn, a very delicious corn, but just for one cob nonetheless. The flavours of lime and coriander incorporated with the butter does wonders though, I might try this at home.20140307-072803.jpgCape grim beef rib eye, chimmichurri, garlic kale, zucchini ($35.00). I couldn’t tell if it was the only thing on the menu the guys were willing to try or if they were sick of waiting for me to quickly take photos of their food before they could start eating but all three boys ordered the same thing. A good piece of beef, but that’s all it was – ‘good but not great’, nothing special here which was disappointing with the attached price tag.20140307-072819.jpgGrilled lamb ribs, spiced eggplant, lemon dressing ($33.00). I really liked the ‘lemon-y’ touch but towards the end of my meal I felt like I was heavily weighed down by a lot of oil and I didn’t feel that great afterwards (like the feeling you would get if you were to yum cha and ate all the fried food without drinking Chinese tea). The lamb was tender and fell easily away from the bone, despite being oily I liked this more than the steak because I thought it had more interesting flavours.20140307-072835.jpg

20140307-073031.jpgThe wait for/between meals was rather short with the staff being efficient, very friendly and attentive.

I had high hopes for this venue after getting such rave reviews from other bloggers but for me this was overall pretty disappointing. I hope they weren’t influenced by the hype of who owns Temporada just because it is the same people from Aubergine. If it wasn’t for all the initial bread intake, I’m pretty sure I would have been just as full as when I left Mocan and Green Grout (i.e. still hungry).

I’m not about to give it a thumbs down but I’m not exactly going to rush out there anytime soon either. I think I would have just been content with three beef rib rolls which would have meant my bill total would have been $24.00 rather than $60.00. It has almost fine dining prices without the same standard of food or atmosphere i.e. had decent seats and ambience.

Venue: Temporada

Address: 15 Moore St, Canberra, ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6249 6683

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13 thoughts on “Temporada

  1. James

    If parking and high prices are such an issue while dining out perhaps the drive through at the Golden Arches would suit you better. What a joke of a review. It really surprises me that so many morons think they can write food reviews and yet have no understanding of the industry they are writing about.

    1. Hello there. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I am allowed mine and you are of course allowed yours.

      Pricing at Temporada wasn’t the sole issue for me, the dishes we chose and decor were other factors as well. If I really enjoyed my experience (regardless of price), I would have recommended it to all my social groups and go out of my way to book future ‘get togethers’ there but because I wasn’t particularly fond of my experience, I will go out and explore new places unless my friends organise a dinner.

      My parents have been in the restaurant and food business for decades, I grew up around food businesses and I haven’t known any different. This of course does not make me an ‘expert’ but a person who likes to go out and dine with friends, enjoys food and shares their experience so other people can read multiple reviews and make up their own mind if they want to go. I realise that not many people get to eat out as much as myself and if they only get to go out on special occasions and want to make a more informed decision then they are welcome to my views.

      Are you saying that people who aren’t in the industry who share their opinions about restaurants are ‘morons’ and should just stick with Maccas? If this is the case, I highly doubt that people in the ‘industry’ are eating out every night, the people who fill these restaurants day in and day out are civilians who obviously want to indulge in good food without the constraints of cooking and cleaning.

      Thank you for your views but just because I didn’t agree with your opinion about a restaurant doesn’t make my opinion any less valid.

      1. I haven’t – I just seem to get a lot of spam comments 🙂

        I’m sure it happens often, people do like to troll behind the anonimity of the internet.

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  5. Hayden

    I felt exactly the same after eating here about a year after your review. They seem to have an issue with burning things, yet still serving them. I also paid about $10 for a prawn (one!), so that cob of corn seems like a steal. My biggest gripe though was the wine prices and lack of locals (are they not including wines that people recognise to hide the fact they are charging 300% of the retail price?).

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