Ben & Jerry’s

I wasn’t sure that Ben & Jerry’s would still be open by the time we’d get there but the kind girl behind the counter said that although she was just about to close, we could still order something. The limiting time factor didn’t help the fact that I wanted to try different flavours before committing to just one.20140307-073308.jpgWith 21 flavours I had to narrow it down to one. Let the taste testing begin! 20140307-073202.jpgI tried Scotchy scotch scotch, a limited edition flavour that had lots of butterscotch in it, it wasn’t the greatest flavour but that meant I could cross that off my list. Couch potato was meant to be vanilla ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and chocolatey covered potato chip clusters but I didn’t really get any chocolate covered chips in my sample so it was hard to judge but yet again, underwhelming. I also tried strawberry cheesecake and I was sort of a fan but TimmyC wanted something a little sweeter.

My other friend was at least a little more decisive, he just likes chocolate. Considering there weren’t many options, it made his choice a little easier and just for that extra bit of indulgence he got it in a cone covered in chocolate sprinkles. I was a bit skeptical about when these were made but when I tried some of the cone it wasn’t stale at all and was actually pretty good (1 scoop in a dipped cone $7.30).20140307-073233.jpgCup prices: 1 scoop ($5.50), 2 scoops ($7.20) and 3 scoops ($9.20).20140307-073145.jpgAll the ‘dipped cone’ choices.20140307-073210.jpg

20140307-073223.jpgI love the lights they have around their little designated seating area that looks like an electronic milking station.20140307-073240.jpgI broke my cardinal sin of ‘try before you buy’ especially when it comes to ice creams because you don’t know how the ice cream is stored/what the flavour will actually taste like (we have had too many ice creams that have had ‘hairy’ icicle textures), but after my fourth sample and not being any closer to choosing a flavour and already delaying the girl from closing up, I just chose the next flavour that caught my eye – triple caramel chunk (caramel ice cream with a swirl of caramel and chocolatey covered caramel chunks). We also ended up choosing vanilla, a simple traditional bench mark to compare ice creams between brands. Both were very good and if the caramel became too sweet, you could always go back to vanilla, it was a good combination of flavours.20140307-073301.jpgBen & Jerry’s is located just to the right of Hoyts cinema in Woden. I’m guessing last scoops are around 9:30 when the final sessions go in but we were lucky enough to squeeze through just after that.20140307-073124.jpgCan’t get enough? Take a tub back home with you.20140307-073154.jpg

I would recommend getting a taste tester of your top three preferred ice creams and don’t just choose based on description alone.

Venue: Ben & Jerry’s

Address: Bradley St, Westfield Shopping Centre, Woden ACT 2606 (next to Hoyts)

Phone: (02) 62235314