Pride of Asia

On one very rare occasion that TimmyC and I had lunch together during the work week, he took me to a place that he goes to occasionally when I have not been bothered to make lunch for us. Pride of Asia is conveniently located (for those who work in Barton and the surrounds) near Hotel Kurrajong. It is rather spacious for a ‘cafe’ type of space having outdoor seating, long tables with bench seating and smaller tables inside as well.20140313-234426.jpgAll the beautiful natural sunlight coming through makes the space look very inviting and open.20140310-165004.jpgWhen there is good weather outside, the doors fold back to allow a more of an open space in the front of the venue.20140310-165039.jpg

Entrees~ ($2.00 each).

Crab spring rolls were very unique with its ‘crispy noodle net’ covering but there was nothing really interesting about the pork spring roll.


Pad khi mow stir fried noodles with wok fried beef, fresh chilli, basil leaves and vegetables ($14.50). I thought my mouth was on fire but in a good way (the people who love chilli will know what I’m talking about). This seriously packed some intense heat but you could still distinctly taste the delicious beef, basil and vegetables. It was borderline a bit too hot for me  but I still really enjoyed it and I thought it was really well made. I was tossing up between choosing this dish or the crispy pork belly in oyster sauce, but the waiter recommended the noodles (I don’t know if he thought because I was Asian that maybe I would have no problem with the chilli). The food came out stupidly fast.20140310-165220.jpgGoong gang penang  creamy red thai curry with chicken, crushed peanuts and kaffir lime leaves topped with crispy egg noodle ($17.50). I thought this was a little sweet followed by a hint of chilli after taste. Probably not really all that authentic but still very nice. We got around 6(?) decent sized prawns in this dish, but there wasn’t anything else in the curry besides the prawns and the noodles. I like how the rice comes separately so you can control how much sauce to rice ratio you’re having and if you’re a slow eater like me, the rice won’t be drowned in sauce towards the end of the meal.20140310-165238.jpgI was really surprised about how fast the food came out and was pleased about the flavours of the noodle. A nice option for lunch if you work in the area and you can walk here (finding street parking in Barton is like winning the lotto) and it is nice to have a bit of variety away from sandwiches and fried food.

Venue: Pride of Asia

Address: U 1/ 6 National Circuit, Barton 2600

Opening hours: I think it is only open for lunch

Phone: (02) 6273 3773

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