Golden drum re-run

Despite not knowing if I’d ever return since my first visit to the Golden Drum in Civic, I have been back several times while not blogging about my experiences, but this particular visit really impressed me and I thought it was definitely worth sharing.

Every time I come here, Golden drum has always had decent food, a unique Chinese menu but sadly extremely slow service (a mixture of not enough people at the front of house and slow delivery of food from the kitchen). Sorry I don’t have prices, I didn’t take photos of the menu and I thought it would be online.

Entrees~ It might not make perfect sense but I thought if I ordered entrees I wouldn’t have to gnaw off my friend’s arm before the mains came, but really if they are slow in general it won’t matter. Surprisingly the wait for food wasn’t too bad today.

Shallot pancake – hot and crispy with a bit of oil, it really needed more shallots in the pancake for the savoury/salt taste but I smothered it in spring roll dipping sauce to mask the disappointment.20140307-073556.jpg

Pork dim sims – nothing special but my personal preference would have been to have more white pepper in the meat mixture.20140307-073612.jpg


Kung pao chicken (Beijing flavour $20.80). I was really surprised with this dish. The chicken pieces had a really crispy coating even though they are covered in a sweetish sticky sauce with al dente cooked vegetables. Definitely worth trying!20140307-073623.jpg

Eggplant with pork mince hot pot – Expect this to be an oily dish, it’s supposed to be. There was something addictive about it, we kept eating well after we declared that we were full. Definitely in the top three ‘Asian eggplant hot pots’ of Canberra.20140307-073636.jpg

We ordered this based on the funny name which wasn’t very ‘foodie etiquette’ of me. Much loved pork cooked in two ways (? something to that effect anyway). Thin slices of pork striped with fat and meat like you would find at an Asian steam boat, pan-fried with onions and shallots. Also a little oily but I didn’t mind it at all. We weren’t sure about how (chilli) hot things would actually be but they weren’t too bad/non-existent.


If you’re not in a rush, like exploring unique food and don’t mind if there is chilli in it, I definitely recommend you come here and browse through the two menus (for some reason they have two?).

See my previous Golden drum post here.


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