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Sushi Bay

While hanging out with friends that had particular food allergies but loved eating seafood, Sushi Bay seemed like the logical place to quickly grab a bite to eat before the movies and it is a much easier way to split the bill.


If you’re like my friend and haven’t been to a sushi train before, the concept is simple: plates whiz by on a conveyor belt and you grab what you want and whatever else is on the menu that you can’t find on the sushi train can be made especially for you. Each plate is colour coded so you know how much it is worth and at the end, someone takes your plate total and it gets tallied at the front counter.

It is probably easier to grab what you want to eat rather than base your decision on the plate colour/price.20140316-123424.jpgWe grabbed a whole selection of dishes.

Salmon sashimi.20140316-003925.jpgI have never seen this before, it was supposedly ‘black ricewith crumbed chicken and avocado, it looked more like coloured rice mashed with red beans.20140316-004701.jpgChicken and lettuce.20140316-004714.jpgTuna salad.20140316-004640.jpgCalifornia roll.20140316-013538.jpgLion King‘ appears to be a tuna salad roll with avocado topped with cooked salmon and roe.20140316-004651.jpgPlates zooming past, there is no hesitation in sushi trains or you’re left waiting for it to do a whole loop before it comes back to you (and that is assuming someone else hasn’t taken it by then).20140316-004617.jpgTakoyaki octopus balls were barely warm and I would have liked more bonito flakes too. They were okay, next time I would request that they be made fresh.20140316-013617.jpgCrumbed Ebi tempura served with mustard, does anyone else find that weird?20140316-013600.jpgTuna salad with cucumber and avocado.20140316-013633.jpgSushi made to order~

Unagi marinated eel. This is always one of my favourite things to eat at a sushi restaurant. It is really nice here, don’t be put off by the eel, it really just tastes like a grilled fish.20140316-013717.jpgSeasoned seaweed. The seaweed has a nice chilli kick to it.20140316-013706.jpg

Inari fried bean curd pouch stuffed with sushi rice.20140316-013650.jpgThe resulting plate stacks. My total was $15.50.20140316-013732.jpg

Towards then end, my friend (who hadn’t been to a sushi train before) and I were both astonished and amused. She loved watching all the dishes whiz by and the excitement that she could pick anything off the train whenever she wanted. I sat there with my mouth opened in shock that the staff was opening up packets of cream cheese and cutting them into small blocks, my eyes frantically darted back and forth to see which sushi roll it ended up in. I feel it is really westernized sushi adapted to suit Australian palettes and the toppings that made me raise my eyebrow might be someone else’s favourite. Each to their own I say. Not the worst place I’ve eaten at in a mall but I would recommend getting fried and grilled selections made to order.

Venue: Sushi Bay

Address: Shop 328 L3 Benjamin Way, Belconnen, ACT 2617

Phone: (02) 6251 8833

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