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Another day, another tasting. You would be a genius to make me love a vegetarian dish so much! Sooo good! Porcini mushroom risotto cake with peperonata and cress salad. @nationalmuseum #canberra #cbr #food #foodie #foodblog



Recipe: Fig and Persian fetta salad

I am currently loving pairing fig with Persian fetta! #canberra #cooking #cbr #food #foodie #foodblog #salad

Another dish that I loved from Podfood so much that I had to recreate it. Obviously not much to it, the main ingredients are in the title.


  • Persian fetta (I bought one that was marinated with lemon and capers)
  • Salad green mix or rocket
  • Fresh figs (currently available at both farmers markets for $5 a bag


  1. Wash the salad greens, dry in a salad spinner and arrange in a salad bowl.
  2. Wash figs and cut them in half and arrange evenly across the top.
  3. Using two teaspoons drop small chunks of Persian fetta in between figs. I usually dress the salad with some of the oil from the Persian fetta.
  4. Don’t bogart the salad


Chez Frederic

One particularly lazy Thursday, with my head being preoccupied with other thoughts (still food based of course), I felt particularly drained and thought it was the perfect time to try out Chez Frederic as they do gourmet take away (you can also dine in).

I wasn’t in any rush at all when I headed to Braddon around 6pm, I drove up and down the street three times but all the car parks were taken (even the dodgy ones) all along Lonsdale street and the perpendicular streets as well. I was forced into lots of U-turns and finally gave up and drove to the outside car park of the Canberra Centre across from the petrol station. It was a quick stroll just past the construction site next to the Civic pub before I walked to the front of the restaurant.20140324-213844.jpgSimple clean decor with a nice concise menu.20140324-213902.jpg

20140324-213934.jpgIt was empty when I got there but there were plenty of ‘reserved’ signs on the tables.20140324-214000.jpgAn easy to change specials board.20140324-214041.jpg

20140324-214059.jpgI adore their creative use of ladles and tea light candles.20140324-214134.jpgI was greeted by a friendly face and made the very hard decisions of what to order and before I knew it, there was a packed bag ready for collection. I walked back to my car and when I looked at my car park ticket I was only gone for 18 minutes including travel/deciding time! I was home not long after and couldn’t wait to dig into my dinner! You may have noticed that I was tempted into two desserts as well.20140324-214158.jpgPork spare ribs marinated in a honey & plum sauce ($19.00). I couldn’t decide between the pork ribs or the duck ravioli (filled with duck, mushrooms and leek in a creamy mushroom sauce $18.50) but the waitress suggested if I was hungry to go with the ribs and she wasn’t kidding! When I went to pick up a rib to sample, the meat was so tender it tore away from the bone and I picked up nothing but a clean rib bone. The sauce was a bit overall sweet, I know there is a lot of sugar in BBQ sauce but this was the type of sweetness that comes from the plum/honey sauce. I thought this is was pretty cheap for ribs, the meat was ridiculously tender but I didn’t like the marinade too much. I really enjoyed the mix of vegetables and the different colours they have chosen.20140324-214221.jpg

20140324-214232.jpgLasagna ($13.50). I had read on another blog that the lasagna was worth getting and TimmyC loves himself a good lasagna but unfortunately this was not. There wasn’t a rich béchamel sauce, the tomato sauce was a bit bland and even the cheesy top (which I usually save til last) wasn’t great. I kept on taking bites in hopes that I would like it but it wasn’t going to happen.20140324-214248.jpgTiramisu ($6.00). The tiramisu tasted very bland which is odd for a dessert that is supposed to be packed with coffee, masala and mascarpone. It was the coffee soaked biscuit portion was the main let down, it was extremely soggy with a watered down coffee. There was a pool of liquid built up and it was probably the coffee mixture but it tasted like brown water. The top just tasted like a subtly sweetened cream rather than of a rich mascarpone. I love tiramisu so it didn’t take much convincing to order this but I can easily say it was one of the worst ones I have eaten, even the Domino’s version of the tiramisu has more flavour than this.20140324-214323.jpg

20140324-214338.jpgThis was the unexpected dessert. When I saw the sign for profiteroles with a salted caramel centre ($7.00), I thought the decadence of reading the description alone would give me diabetes. The profiteroles weren’t stale which gave me a big sigh of relief, there is nothing worse than stale choux pastry. The ‘cream’ in the middle could have been sweeter but it was whipped to a very light texture which gave the dessert an overall ‘light’ feeling.20140324-214414.jpg

20140324-214402.jpgDespite my disappointment in a lot of the food, I still think this place has potential and I would be excited to try more from the menu, if only I could get a park easily close by…

Venue: Chez Fredric

Address4/14 Lonsdale st, Braddon ACT 2612

Phone6248 0044

Opening hours: Open 7 days

Lunch 12 – 2pm

Dinner 5 – 9pm



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