The Wedding Collection – location, location, location

After making the very difficult decision of having our wedding in Canberra (although I still reserve the right to change my mind hahaha), I wanted to have it at an iconic Canberra location.

So we have narrowed it down to the following locations:

  1. National Portrait Gallery
  2. Old Parliament House
  3. National Museum of Australia
  4. National Gallery of Australia

Apparently this isn’t done too often (although I don’t feel like I am like most brides anyway); a foodie bride taste testing potential wedding venues before deciding on one. Whenever I ask for a tasting at a venue, they are clear to remind me that when I book a venue there is an inclusive tasting 6 weeks out from the wedding date. “Yes, but to book a venue I will firstly need to taste the food” is usually my response.

I realise what I am eating will not be what I would get at the wedding. After all, menus are seasonal, I haven’t booked the venue yet, chefs come and go etc, but what I’m trying to gauge is the calibre of food. 

I would have liked to have tried more places (National Library, The Boat house, Yacht club etc)* but TimmyC said after spending $800 on tastings, four is enough and any more choice is going to just complicate things with my indecisive nature (he knows me too well).

So let’s see what these four venues have to offer.

*My worst case scenario is that I don’t like any of the venues and I try other places, no biggie. I’ve been engaged for almost two years, no need to start rushing things now.