It’s midnight at Changi airport and I’m gnawing a pork bone

Sounds a little more zombie-esque than it actually is. Does it help to say that a whole bunch of other Asians were there doing the same thing?

24 hour food courts are always handy in an airport where flights can be at all hours of the night. I literally used the last of my money to buy the bak kut teh premium set (and I still had to borrow two dollars!) and I’m happy to say it was well worth it!

The broth has a very rich pork flavour followed by garlic and mixed spices and ending on a peppery note. Asians love eating things with a bone so we weren’t shy when it came to gnawing off the tender pork while slurping on the tasty broth.

I’m very happy I was able to taste another hawker food favourite before I left Singapore.

P.S. Now I’m done!