Chocolateria San Churro

Chocolate and churros goes well together like pancakes and syrup, bacon and eggs, condensed milk and peanut butter… Yum! San churro is now in Woden. #cbr #canberra #churro #food #foodie #foodblog #dessert

Churros for one  three churros + 1 dip cup ($8.90). You have a choice of icing sugar or cinnamon sugar and what kind of chocolate (milk, dark etc), we went with milk and cinnamon sugar. The chocolate was okay but tasted better with a churro rather than by itself. The churros were made fresh so they were warm and crispy when they got to us. 20140506-230336.jpgMacarons are made in Melbourne and aren’t really worth getting ($2.70 each). The blue one was vanilla which had a terrible texture and tasted slightly stale and the speckled burnt orange looking one was peanut better, it had a nicer texture and flavour but I think they are expensive for the quality. Just stick for what this place is known for – churros!20140506-230347.jpgThe location and the type of food they sell attracts a lot of teeny boppers, families etc, but I’m just glad that there is finally a place south side (I’m not including Kingston) that doesn’t close after 10pm on Friday/Saturday nights and doesn’t have sticky floors and drunk people.

Oh! p.s. It’s table service and you pay at the counter at the end.

Venue: Chocolateria San Churro

Address: 8 Bradley St Phillip, ACT 2606 (where APK used to be)

Phone: 02 6260 3087

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday




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