Birthday cake!

With my birthday month coming to a close, I look back on all the delicious birthday treats that I had this year. #birthdaymonth #cake #canberra #messina #flute #luxbite #homemade #food #foodie #foodblog



Entertainment books 2014/2015

So you guys would know by now that I’m a big big fan of the Entertainment book, using it when I can to save on restaurant bills and trying to beat my previous record of 14 restaurants from the Gold card (has anyone gotten higher than this? TimmyC said that it was a poor effort on my behalf). I usually save the cost of the book (ACT book $60.00) after eating at two restaurants and it is how I find out about a lot of new places to eat, so it is a no brainer that I get one (and I already have!).


This year my friends are selling books to help raise funds for a local Canberra woman Narelle Raftery who was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2013, through fundraising efforts they hope to relieve her financial burden (treatment and pills are expensive!) so she can focus on getting better. So if you haven’t bought a book yet, please consider buying one from them. You can find the link below.

The 2013/14 Entertainment™ Book is expires on 1 June 2014! Make sure you contact us to secure your 2014|2015 Membership before they sell out! So many amazing offers are waiting for you! Click this link to buy your Membership TODAY!

This year they have two options: the traditional paper book or the digital version which can be shared across four devices (for all those who forget their book at home).