Cronut hunt: Italian Continental bakery

I always knew that the Italian Continental bakery existed but I never went in for when I make the effort to bustle my way through Mawson, it was always for Bruno’s cannoli. This time I was specifically here for one thing: Italian Continental bakery’s cronuts. They had renovated since I’ve last snuck a peek and there were many people inside to get away from the cold and get their fill of Italian sweets.

I made TimmyC line up as I went to inspect the long cake cabinet. Tarts, profiteroles, eclairs, cannolis and there it was… Cronuts! They had two flavours that morning: chocolate and vanilla, we opted for vanilla although I was hoping for salted caramel, but while we were getting served we couldn’t resist also getting an eclair and baked cannoli. I didn’t really pay attention to how much everything was, all I know is that it came to $9.80 and I handed my money over like a zombie as I continued to stare into their cake display.

I was on the hunt for pastry this morning and I couldn’t make up my mind. Small eclair, baked cannoli and a vanilla cronut #italiancontinentalbakery #canberra #cbr #mawson #food #foodie #foodblog #cronut #sweets #dessert 20140615-203434-74074179.jpgI was pleasantly surprised to find that the eclair’s choux pastry wasn’t stale (you don’t know how many times I’ve bought a stale one), although we wished that the filling was more creamy rather than a thick-ish custard. The cannolo (apparently that is the singular) was really good, I much prefer the outside to be pastry rather than the heavy ‘donut like’ kind, although they do sell both kinds. The filling was creamy and vanillary. The much sort after cronut itself was a bit of a let down, the texture was more of a donut rather than a cronut (see what the layers should look like here) and the flavour could have been stronger.

I might not rush back for their cronuts but I did like their cannoli and cafe area to want to come back and explore a bit more.

Venue: Italian Continental Bakery & Cafe

AddressThe Southlands House, Mawson Pl, Mawson, ACT 

Phone: (02) 6286 1085

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