Cronut hunt: Saigon Southland Hot Bake

Immediately upon leaving the Italian Continental bakery, I admitted to TimmyC that I lied. I didn’t just want to go to one bakery I really wanted to go to two and since we were in the area, why not? I scuttled over to Saigon Southland Hot Bake before he could protest.20140616-180319-64999917.jpgOh good, I wasn’t too late to get one, there were still plenty there and they have more flavours than I’m used to.20140616-180321-65001338.jpgThe bread rolls looked nice and fresh (at bargain prices!) while in contrast all the iced cookies and meringues in the cabinet looked like they were weeks old and they were dry and cracking. Without being too greedy this time, I stayed on course and only got what I came for. One cronut. This time we got a salted caramel flavour.

Salted caramel cronut ($3.50). The texture was more true to a cronut but the icing was like what you would normally find on a cheap vanilla slice and that ruined it for me. The caramel on top was more of a light flavouring and didn’t really meld into the cronut, I think they just treated it like an iced doughnut.20140616-180322-65002729.jpg20140616-180324-65004247.jpgMaybe slightly better than the cronut I had at the Italian Continental bakery because of the texture, but out of all the ones I’ve had in Canberra so far, the one from Ricardo’s is still the best (although there are still some others I’m yet to try).

Venue: Saigon Southland Hot Bake

Address: 1 Heard St, Mawson ACT 2607

Phone: (02) 6286 5277


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