Polit bar: A day of Food and Wine #humanbrochure

There are a lot of cute cocktail places scattered throughout our great city so I didn’t bother trying to guess whereabouts we were headed to for cocktails and entertainment to finish our spectacular day of food and wine.
20140614-231402-83642196.jpgIt turns out Polit bar was where we were headed, I didn’t know much about the bar except that its name (and owners?) kept on changing. We head up a dark set of stairs which teleported us back into the 1920s. It almost reminded me of the prohibition days where locations of secret underground bars existed, the girls were there to entertain, a piano man playing old school tunes followed by more live music complete with a magician in the corner and a tarot card reader and of course alcohol was free-flowing.
An absinthe fountain was set up for all those who were interested in seeing the green fairy, although there was a green fairy walking around and you didn’t need the absinthe to see her.20140614-231407-83647834.jpgOld school beautiful chandeliers and beaded curtains for that intimate feel without feeling boxed in.20140614-231403-83643675.jpgThe comical cheesy “French” presenter who’s accent came in and out all night.20140614-231409-83649273.jpgDrinks menu and the selection of tapas that will be offered which was made by Flint in the Vines.20140614-231405-83645110.jpgYou can’t really see but this was a yummy mix of olives and nuts, you’ll have to take my word on this one. There was also delicious zucchini cigars and lamb tartlets while the vegetarian gluten free option was a variety of dips and vegetables. We all finished on a sweet note with an amazing chocolate morsel.

20140614-235051-85851914.jpgFunky light fittings at the bar.20140614-231622-83782347.jpgThe lovely staff from Polit bar busy at work getting everyone their beverages.20140614-231621-83781055.jpgA range of alcohol available.20140614-231619-83779709.jpgI was dubious about my drink choice when the bartender had to ask for help to make virgin piña coladas but they ended up being really really nice. I would definitely have this again.20140614-231625-83785237.jpgAfter we were all hydrated, fed and entertained, the finale of the night before we were to leave such a spectacular venue was a Burlesque show. Nothing bonds people together like watching the seductive art of burlesque, right?

Taking the stairs down and out, leaving the portal from another world to go back to reality.20140614-231701-83821651.jpg

20140614-231703-83823092.jpgI didn’t take many photos, my iPhone isn’t great with dim lighting (see fabulous photos here and here though) but I was really transported to another place and got lost in atmosphere and waiting for the platters of fabulous food to come by because for some reason I could still fit more food in.

Polit bar is a place like no other. They frequently have events and shows to set themselves a part from the rest. Check their website for trivia nights, live music, tarot card readings, open mic comedy and much more.

Venue: Polit bar

Address: 8 Franklin street, Manuka, ACT

Phone: (02) 61622947

Prices: this experience was paid for buy VisitCanberra as part of the 101 local humans campaign for the human brochure.



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