Tilba milk back in stock

That’s what the sign read as I pulled up to go to the friendly grocer at Garran shops. Other people from far and wide must also come here to find Tilba jersey milk.
I wasn’t entirely sure where the Garran shops were so I let Google maps take me some convoluted way consisting of going through the back of Hughes and some other dark suburb and of course according to Murphy’s law my phone’s battery had to go into the red during the journey. I was on the hunt for some more Tilba jersey milk and my wonderful readers gave me several locations on where I could find some between market dates.
The shop had the 2 litre varieties of full and light(?) cream milk while also stocking the delicious Tilba honey yoghurt for $6 something. On my way out I was almost tempted to also grab an Autolyse sour dough bread (good to know a southside stockist) but then reminded myself that my next few meals will not be at home.

This time I bought 2 litres so I would get a chance to get more than a mouthful ($5.49).20140620-072416-26656124.jpg
I hope TimmyC appreciates my efforts while he sips at his extra creamy coffee this morning.

**spotted for $4.99 at Tom’s in Belconnen markets.