Wild duck – new menu

The good thing about a new menu is tasting new and delicious things, but the bad thing about a new menu is if you were looking forward to a particular dish, like the amazing short soup with a light clear broth for example, it might not be there any more (and it wasn’t ).

Choosing the dishes from Wild Duck‘s new menu was hard. We started off looking at the banquets, then looked at a la carte and then after seeing that most of the entrees come in serves of three, we went back to looking at banquets. I browsed the mains and the one I would like most were all clustered around was the ‘food travelers banquet’ for $59 a head. I couldn’t help myself but to also ask for a serve of Balmain bug dumplings (I asked for a serve of 4) and the essential mantou bread.

There were elements that were familiar to me- the pork and lotus root parcel, lemongrass chicken and the honey mustard fillet steak and as well made as they were, I was very much looking forward to the ones I hadn’t tried.

‘FOOD TRAVELERS’ BANQUET $59.00 per person

For 4 people or more, a great way to taste provincial street food from across Asia without ever getting on or off a plane!




Steamed delicate dumplings filled with Balmain Bug meat and bamboo shoots, served with a ginger rice vinegar (4 pieces $21. ish dollars). The Balmain bug dumplings were nice enough, expensive though. For a serve of four it was the equivalent of $5 something a dumpling. I couldn’t taste much of a difference between this Balmain bug filling and prawns. It was like a generous har gow filling inside a wonton wrapper that dried out a bit around the edges.20140708-222204-80524181.jpgTaking a look at the generous portion of filling inside each dumpling.20140708-222206-80526055.jpgRoast duck rice paper rolls Chinese roast duck, cucumber, spring onion in Vietnamese style rice paper roll served with Hoi Sin sauce. I didn’t think I would like this because of how thick the cut of duck meat was but it was surprisingly really nice and moist, while the skin had a lot of roast duck flavour.20140708-222200-80520816.jpg

20140708-222202-80522395.jpgLotus root and pork parcels sliced young lotus root with lean pork mince in between, crispy fried in a light tempura batter with a vinegar ginger dipping sauce and Edamame. Upon reading this description did I notice that we didn’t get any vinegar ginger dipping sauce and Edamame. This was really crispy and not oily at all. Hard to describe the taste but everyone really enjoyed it.20140708-222411-80651544.jpgXin Jiang lamb skewers Famous street food from China, tender lamb skewers char-grilled with a sprinkle of cumin, chilli and Asian spices, served with a crunchy cucumber, onion and capsicum salsa and honey yoghurt. There was a bit of spice on the coating of the lamb which was really nice but the chilli surprise could be balanced out by the honey yoghurt as well as the salsa if you don’t like hot food. The meat was also incredibly tender, but I wouldn’t have picked this as a ‘Chinese’ dish.20140708-222339-80619477.jpgThe lamb skewer condiments, honey yoghurt and a salsa.20140708-222341-80621056.jpgHoney mustard fillet steak diced beef eye fillet stir-fried in mild chilli, honey and mustard sauce, with sugar snap peas, King Brown mushrooms, Gingko nuts and red onion. Tender as always although I think I would have preferred a black pepper sauce than the sweeter taste of honey mustard.20140708-222342-80622455.jpgLemongrass infused chicken tender free range chicken marinated overnight in lemongrass, rosemary and garlic then char-grilled and served with sautéed green beans and carrot. This was a little dryer than I’m used to although there was still a good kick of lemongrass in the dish.20140708-222416-80656190.jpgSingapore Chilli prawns King prawns in our chef’s Singapore chilli sauce, served on crispy rice noodle cake. Not much of a chilli kick to the prawns but they were cooked well and the sauce was nice to dip the mantou bread into (oops forgot to take a photo!). 20140708-222414-80654554.jpgSince the business boom on Kingston foreshore, it is now much harder to park around Wild Duck. We eventually parked on a perpendicular street which might not sound that far away, but on a cold windy Canberra night, you can definitely feel each extra step.

The service is always attentive and helpful and I really like the food here (I also love their eggplant btw!). See my other Wild duck posts here and here, although I have been many times I don’t blog about it every time, so who knows how many times I’ve actually been hehehe. Thanks!


Don’t forget to use the Entertainment book card!