Burbury hotel high tea sneak peek

Perfect weather for having high tea at the Burbury hotel with some foodie friends. I am on a sugar high! #hightea #cbr #canberra #food #foodie #foodblog #visitcanberra #localscan #mealforameal #cake



4 thoughts on “Burbury hotel high tea sneak peek

  1. JJones

    Think I agree with you about the overall standard of the high tea. Pleasant enough but I think the old Canberra Hyatt still does a better job. It is also quite a noisy space and when it is full (like when I was there) a bit hard to hear conversation.

    1. Oh yes. I’ve been to the Hyatt since. Much better with a wider variety of food. That day, I saw a wedding and a proposal. Food and entertainment!

      I’m glad people agree. When I read other reviews, they sound a lot different to mine although I think they were invited by the hotel.

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