King of Curries

Going to the King of Curries was the back up plan after our initial lunch plans fell through, but we were hungry and happy to go where there was a friendly face. Situated on the back streets of Belconnen, I did not know that this place existed and drove there under guidance of a North sider local.IMG_4643.JPGAfter ordering entrees, my eyes starting stinging because my sensitive eyes could sense the strong presence of onion from the kitchen. It was unpleasant for a little while but subsided after the entrees were served.

A simple set up within the restaurant but very neat and tidy.IMG_4658.JPGComplimentary pappadums while we wait for our meal.IMG_4659.JPGVegetarian platter for two assorted vegetable platter – samosa, vegetable pakora, spring rolls ($13.90). Although this was for two people, we split it amongst four people after having ordered four curries with rice and naan for mains, they were nice enough to cut the samosas in half. I found the pakoras really interesting as I had never seen them in patties before. They had an addictive and surprising chilli factor about it, luckily for me the sauce was sweet and complemented the assorted entrees but I did have to suck on my lassi afterwards. The samosas were made well and there was nothing special about the spring rolls other than the fact that they were being served in an Indian restaurant (in their defense it wasn’t like a Chinese /Thai/Vietnamese spring roll).IMG_4662-0.JPGA close up of the pakoras.IMG_4661.JPGMango lassi cooling yoghurt drink made with mango pulp ($4.00). I had to get something to brace myself of what was to come after our entree so I ordered a lassi. It was more yoghurt-y and runny rather than thick, mango-y and sweet, but it did the trick and cooled my mouth down.IMG_4663.JPGAn insanely bright rice to match the colour of my lassi.IMG_4664.JPGWhen asked how we wanted our curries, my friends were lovely enough to allow them to be all mild but one. I’m the worst Asian ever.

Lamb rogan josh (mild) authentic lamb curry from the foothills of Kashmir ($16.95). Distinct lamb flavours with tender lamb pieces.IMG_4665-0.JPGBeef Vindaloo (hot) an ever popular dish for spicy lovers; boneless meat cooked in home ground spices and herbs in tangy sauce ($16.95). I only had a bit of this. I didn’t think it was too hot at first but the spice hits you at the back of the throat later on.IMG_4666-0.JPGGarlic naan ($3.00) and plain naan ($2.50). These came out ridiculously hot and delicious. I’ve had a lot of naans in my lifetime (which by no means makes me an expert) and I really liked the naan here.IMG_4670.JPGPrawn Goan style King prawns cooked with rich coconut gravy, curry leaves and muted (mustard?) seed and finish with fresh coriander ($19.95). Something a little different, although all the curries seem to be mild, rich and creamy, they all had distinct flavours that are hard to describe.IMG_4669-0.JPGPeanut chicken (mild) boneless chicken cooked in homemade peanut sauce, lemongrass, herbs and mild spices ($17.95). It is always tempting to go the ‘usual’ during Indian dining despite the venue, but one my foodie friends insisted we get the peanut chicken rather than the butter chicken. I know what you’re thinking, ‘how could you not get a butter chicken?!’, but this ended up being my most favourite dish of the meal and I didn’t think about the missed butter chicken after my first bite. The surprising thing is that I’m not a huge fan of peanut sauces outside of desserts. It was very mild and creamy with tender chunks of chicken.IMG_4667-0.JPGThere are a lot of Indian restaurants in Canberra, there is nothing really stand out-ish about this one, but it does make me want to branch out try other dishes from my usual ‘go to’ list or at least come back to get more peanut chicken with some naan. They also have a variety of lunch specials that start from $10.00, bargain!

Venue: King of Curries

Address3/31-35 Nettlefold Street Belconnen, ACT

Phone: (02) 6251 0140

Opening hours:

Wednesday – Friday lunch from 12pm – 2pm

7 days dinner 5pm – 10pm

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The Fat Duck details

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this news and you can find all the details in the article here.

The run down:

  1. An electronic ballot (open from 9am 8th Oct 2014) will determine who gets a reservation in this highly sort after restaurant which will seat about 50 people
  2. There will be a chef’s table (4 people) where guests will see the ‘behind the scenes’ food prep and talk to the chefs throughout the service, which has not been offered before in any of Heston’s restaurants
  3. They will contact the people who are lucky enough to get a table as well as the ones that aren’t
  4. The Fat Duck will be opened from the 3rd February 2015 for 6 months, after which it will turn into ‘Dinner by Heston’ when all the staff will return home back to the renovated original restaurant in Bray
  5. Heston himself will be there for at least half the time which will include the first and last month
  6. If you’re lucky enough to get in, it will cost you $525 a person for a 12-15 course of “pure food theatre”
  7. The menu will not be the same as the original UK restaurant

An electronic ballot seems fair enough, but 50 seats is not big at all for a restaurant with this much air of excitement and anticipation. I should start telling all my friends that all I want for my 30th birthday is to eat at The Fat Duck (so start clicking).

So it seems that the 8th of October 2014 is the date to write into your calendar folks!

Outback Jacks re-run

I didn’t think I would be back here in a hurry and it puzzled me that another franchise of Outback Jacks was opening in Civic but due to over shopping on my part, we thought we’d stay within the Belconnen mall to get dinner rather than venturing out to the suburbs which was the original plan. It also really helped having the Entertainment book voucher which provides a ‘complimentary main meal’ when another main meal is purchased.

They were nice enough to accommodate for my friend who can’t eat pork (very sad I know) and replaced the pork ribs from the Steak and Ribs combo with lamb ribs 100 day grain feed 300g rump and out meaty Jack Daniels basted pork ribs, served with chips and salad ($39.95). My friend really really enjoyed her ribs! I have never had lamb ribs before but now I’m curious to try. Her steak which she ordered ‘rare’ was bordering towards medium but I think the deliciousness of the lamb ribs made up for it.IMG_4682.JPGPrime rib on the bone (400g) served bone in to maximise tenderness and improve flavour. Our champion steak! ($39.95). My other friend and I ordered the same steak but she got hers with a ‘surf & turf topper’ ($10.00) while I opted for mushroom sauce on the side (2.95). I was much more impressed with my steak than last time I was here (last time I had the steak and ribs combo). The steak was cooked to medium rare which was how I ordered it and prefer it. You could taste the meat which what I like in the steak but I did like the creamy richness that the mushroom sauce provided.

Prime rib on  the bone with a surf and turf topper. Best of both words if you like steak and seafood.IMG_4675.JPGMy simple steak with the sauce on the side so I could control how much I had per mouthful or ditch it if it tasted horrible, but luckily it wasn’t!IMG_4677.JPGA cross-section of my medium rare steak.IMG_4679.JPGThe service has really improved, the giggling unhelpful girls were either not rostered on or have been replaced with more efficient staff. We ended up going somewhere else for dessert and I was partially not ready to relive that experience again. The Civic store has some hope if they have good service, tasty food and family friendliness. It is really close to Hogs Breath though, so we’ll see.

Read my previous visit here.

Yum cha at Ginseng

I blame all my friends who have been talking about yum cha of late and giving me dim sum cravings. Ever since Noble Palace closed their doors, I’ve been wanting another south side option to open up (when driving all the way to Dickson would seem like I may as well drive to Sydney). Everyone had been heading to Ginseng inside the Hellenic club and I was hoping to give it a go myself. Now I didn’t technically make it inside, but I definitely ate there.

A huge demand at Ginseng allowed them to expand by putting tables outside the opening door frame-work. This was where we were seated after arriving later in the lunch time rush and without a booking. I felt that we were more neglected than the people who were physically inside the restaurant and hearing my neighbouring table’s frustrations, I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Well I guess I should arrive earlier or book next time.

So close yet so far away.IMG_4814.JPGWe had to ask several times for chilli sauce and tea, which is usually the first thing that a server should bring to you as your sit down. Asking for things and requesting food items in the hectic environment were often ignored or forgotten. Trolleys eventually wheeled past, but I was after specific items which left me waiting as they were replenishing their stocks after a busy lunch period.

The lobster dumplings and the chicken wings must have been fresh because they were crazy hot! The dumplings and yum cha dishes were made pretty well for Canberra standards and I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the texture of their egg tarts, it would have been perfect if they were fresh out of oven or even slightly warm.IMG_4855.JPGAfter a huge manhunt which saw every waiter and waitress that walked past look for my steamed pork rib, I finally succeeded! I was so excited I forgot to take a photo. It was steamed well arriving very hot, but they forgot to put it with chilli and black bean so it lacked some flavour, luckily I had also requested chilli sauce and chilli in soy sauce.

TimmyC ordered a mango pudding early, but I wanted mine towards the end when I had eaten everything else. I personally prefer it with evaporated milk, it makes it so much better *licks lips*.

TimmyC’s mango pudding.IMG_4819.JPGvs. my mango pudding,IMG_4822.JPGAfter several puddings, jellies, steamed dumplings etc (I didn’t take a photo of everything), our bill came to $70ish dollars for two and a bit people (my friends were barely nibbling because they had already eaten). I think the trick is to arrive early, get a seat inside the restaurant and be persistent with your requests.


Venue: Ginseng

Address: Upstairs inside the Hellenic club in Woden

Phone: (02) 6282 9866

Yum cha: I don’t know when it starts but it finishes at 3pm on Sundays

Brunch at Me and Mrs. Jones

This was a spontaneous brunch but Me and Mrs. Jones had the perfect dishes that suited the both of us. In true Canberra fashion, everywhere that was serving brunch on a Sunday morning was packed which wasn’t a good sign for people who didn’t book but because there was only two of us, they slipped us on a table fairly quickly.

They were a little late with our beverages because there was a huge queue for take away coffee but they were very apologetic and after that they kept asking if we needed anything else.IMG_4397.JPGI love how their pyramid tea bag is condensed in this cute little cube.IMG_4398.JPGBanana bread french toast with maple glazed bacon and cinnamon mascarpone ($16.00). What I look for a in a breakfast item is something unique/has bacon/French toast or a banana bread, so you could imagine my eyes widening when I saw everything I like in a breakfast on one plate! It is pretty hard to screw up bacon, the banana bread french toast really just tasted like a  toasted banana bread, but what made it for me was the supposed cinnamon mascarpone, I thought it was just a delicious whipped butter. It was incredible and I dipped everything into it, even when I ran out of banana bread, I just started eating it by itself like a gluttonous piggy. *blush* A perfect balance of salt and sweet for me. IMG_4396.JPGEggs benedict with bacon ($16.00) and garlic mushrooms (TimmyC couldn’t remember how much extra they were). The perfect hollandaise blanketed a touch over done poached eggs, yummy bacon and the mushrooms are worth getting as an extra addition.IMG_4392.JPGI seem to have a lot of brunch here and not many dinners, I must rectify that!

Spring is here

First day of Spring! I’m enjoying my gorgeous flowers from Alexandra Rogers and delicious sweet toffee from @sweetalmasweets
I also bought @mrfrugii peanut ice cream but that is long gone now 😂
It is great that these things can all be found at the @oldbusdepotmarkets

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