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Cow and the Moon

Our friends had been telling us for years to go to Cow and the Moon but whenever we dined in Newtown, we get excessively full and can’t fit any more in.  So this time, we decided to have gelato as our ‘meal’ so we could definitely fit it in. Since Cow and the Moon won best gelato in the world, yes the WORLD(!) with their flavour Mandorla affogato, everyone else also had the same idea on this gorgeous (border lining hot) Spring day.

It can be a a bit daunting when you see the line but it didn’t take too long to zoom through to the front (15-20 minutes?).IMG_5289.JPGCow and the Moon has been around for ages but only now is it getting recognition for their delicious gelato.IMG_5291.JPGA window glimpse into the future, we are getting closer!IMG_5290.JPGI love their upcycled tin holding gorgeous poppys.IMG_5292.JPGThey also have other sweets and cakes but I don’t think anyone is here for that.IMG_5294.JPG

IMG_5293.JPGA price list for cups, drinks and take home packs.IMG_5295.JPGYou would not believe what happened next, you couldn’t even make this stuff up, but the last of Mandorla affogato was scooped up by the person who was served just before me. I gave a hopeful look to my server and asked if there was any left but she informed me that there was going to be a 20 minute wait til the next batch was ready. Tim wasn’t willing to wait (or line up again), so I had to go with a quick plan B.

I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, I was disappointed with the lack of Mandorla affogato but I didn’t want to taste test replacement flavours so I just chose names of gelato flavours that I would think I would like. It was slightly frustrating not having a menu on the wall and having to actively bustle through the crowd to get a glance of the other flavours but we managed to get an interesting array. Other interesting flavours that I did not get to try included: baby beets, which had a gorgeous colour, pomegranate and strawberry and balsamic vinegar.IMG_5296-0.JPGThe flavours I was able to taste were banana and salted caramel; vanilla; sticky date and merango tango. All the gelato flavours were smooth, creamy and sweet but the one that really stood out for me (which I didn’t think I would like) was the banana and salted caramel. I felt that the other flavours were sweet but not identifiable as their stated flavour.IMG_5300.JPGFor those who follow my instagram and read my blog regularly, you know that I went back to try my luck with Mandorla affogato again. The line was much shorter on a week day but still very busy since it was the school holidays. Mum and I were browsing the flavours and I had noticed that the flavour choices had changed. I held my breath when once again, just inches away the empty stainless steel tray where the Mandorla affogato once was, was taken away. Before I could even start to pout, it was replaced with a full tray straight away. Phew! That was close.

I also chose dulce de leche as my other flavour, again it was sweet but not distinguishable. Mandorla affogato really stole the show. The coffee flavours were strong and smooth but was complimented by the sweetness of the caramelised almonds which also brought the texture to another level.IMG_5390.JPGIs it worth the line up? Well no one likes to line up for things but it was really good if you like coffee/almond/caramel flavours. Mum and I personally really enjoyed it. Other people may not have enjoyed their flavours and complained that it was all hyped and not worth waiting for, but what you need to remember is that a particular flavour won the world’s best gelato and it just happened to be made in Newtown, Sydney, you can’t just taste any willy nilly flavour from Cow and the Moon and then disregard the competition results when you didn’t eat the Mandorla affogato *end rant*.

Venue: Cow and the Moon

Address181 Enmore Road Enmore, NSW

Phone: 02 9557 4255

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