12 (Fri)days til Christmas

Wow! Where did the time go?
I haven’t really been blogging of late. Life is getting in the way; friends and family have come and gone, there have been more human brochure events, I find my lazy nights filled with Pinterest browsing for wedding ideas and now all of the sudden it’s early October.
I’m very behind on my writing. Don’t think that all these events have kept me from eating, quite the opposite actually.
The only reason why I have time right now is because TimmyC and his visiting friend have gone on a Segway tour for 30 minutes and I find myself in the beautiful breeze by the lake in the shade.
I’m drawing inspiration from fellow bloggers such as Mouthless mutters, YummyLummy and Feelthepowerberra who have been consistently pumping out posts throughout my lazy slump.
I will definitely start writing more soon but for now, enjoy this view of the lake with me.