Ready, set, CLICK!

I have two things written on my calendar for tomorrow the 8th October 2014.
1) the lunar eclipse, where the moon will appear red/orange and no doubt photos will over take your new feeds.

“In Canberra, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria the total lunar eclipse will be seen in the north-eastern sky from about 8pm (AEDT). The eclipse will be visible in Darwin from about 6:30pm, Queensland from about 7pm, South Australia from about 7:30pm and Western Australia from about 5pm.” Read the full article here.

2) the electronic ballot opens at 9am for the highly anticipated Fat Duck restaurant. To me, the details are unclear if other people’s ballots can be taken (if that’s the case, everyone I am related to better jump on!) but I know multiple entries will be excluded. Continue reading “Ready, set, CLICK!”