After lots of shopping and losing track of time, a friend told me she wanted something cheap and healthy when I asked her what she wanted to do for lunch. Wow, no one has ever said that to me before; it really threw me for a loop. Finally I came up with the answer of Thr1ve, I’ve never eaten there before but I know they have paleo inspired food which would still be serving food around the dead zone that is between lunch and dinner (it was around 2:30pm ish). IMG_5640.JPGMy friend couldn’t help but get one of these. They looked cute but all I could think of was that Donut King was just a few steps away.IMG_5633.JPGThere were a lot of new things for me to read but the basic gist is that you choose a ‘base’ consisting of up to two ingredients and then choose a protein. Bases include leafy green, brown rice, baby spinach leaves and sweet potato mash. When we asked to see how big a ‘main bowl’ was, I think the server said it was the same sized bowl but the calories were halved in an ‘entree size’ (??).

I ordered baby spinach with sweet potato mash and the teriyaki salmon for my protein in a main sized portion ($12.90)It came out pretty quickly, I imagine a lot of the food is pre-made. The sweet potato mash reminded me of hospital food but at least it was served warm unlike the rest of the dish. I guess it was good, it made me content and the desire to eat was no longer there. Comparing to the other proteins that my friends chose, I preferred the salmon.IMG_5637.JPG
This might be good with for body but their packaging didn’t look very environmentally friendly when there weren’t any recycle bins around.IMG_5634.JPGBaby spinach, brown rice with chargrilled chicken.IMG_5635.JPGBrown rice, leafy greens with pulled beef.IMG_5636.JPGVenue: Thr1ve

Address: Canberra Centre (opposite Supabarn) Bunda Street, Civic, Canberra 2600

Phone: (02) 6247 5555

Thr1ve on Urbanspoon


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