Keeping hydrated

I thought it would be cloudy today but it turned out to be deceivingly hot. We cooled down with an avocado shake and a custard apple shake.
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Mr. Papa Peruvian Street Food Catering

I’m sure you all know by now that we had Mr. Papa cater TimmyC’s 30th birthday party.  I’ve never had catering done for anything before but Carlos and his team made it super easy! I just let them know that papas (potato) and chanchitos definitely needed to be on the menu and everything else just had to be delicious and unique. And it was!

This is more of a food porn post more than anything.

Mama’s Chilli Bar Chilli Bar with 3 of our signature chillis- Huancaina (crackers cream, smoked chilli), Street Chilli and Pebres (lime, coriander and garlic).

I love this little guy, it always looks like he is greeting me when I make it to the front of the line when lining up for Mr. Papa!IMG_6272.JPGSoft Drink Station in vintage jars

Inca Kola (Peruvian’s favorite soft drink) not pictured and Passion Fruit water (Traditional recipe). They set up a chilli station as well as a drinks station complete with cute little glass bottles and straws.IMG_6289.JPGThere was a bit of a suction issue with clumps of pulp getting stuck but the passionfruit water was very delicious and refreshing.IMG_6273.JPGVegetarian CausasIMG_6281.JPGI am loving their new chalkboard trays.IMG_6280.JPGGrilled Chicken Anticuchos Andean spices marinated Skewers served with huacatay sauce.IMG_6276.JPGObviously some people couldn’t wait for me to take my photo 😉IMG_6274.JPGVegetarian skewers with vegetarian causas for all my vegetarian guests. Carlos was very accommodating for all our guests’ with dietary needs.IMG_6279.JPGPeruvian Tequeños South American style Spring rolls stuffed with braised beef cilantro and cider. IMG_6287.JPGHow cute are the mini fryer baskets! I loved how all the food was served differently and conveniently. The different vessels were so cute!!!IMG_6288.JPGEmpanadas South American Style handmade pies. The filling was a little dry but lucky I had sauce dripping on top of mine.IMG_6290.JPGGolden brown and beautiful.IMG_6293.JPGArroz con mariscos mini serves seafood rice. This was thrown on the menu at the last moment but I really should have chosen it to begin with, if no one ate seafood I would have eaten all the boxes myself.IMG_6294.JPGIMG_6295.JPGChanchitoMini Pork belly Sandwich pork belly patiently cooked for 24 hours, sweet potatoes and South American salsa Creole served in artisan Peruvian Bread. Of course one of the biggest stars of the day was the chanchito, it is sooo good.IMG_6297.JPG

IMG_6296.JPGYou can see that I grabbed a chanchito mid empanda but I couldn’t risk not getting one. In the end there was plenty chanchitos to go around and we were able to have one each later that night. IMG_6299.JPGThe Mr. Papa team came, set up, cooked, served the food, cleaned up as they went and then proceeded to clean everything to the point you couldn’t even tell that you had a party besides the fact that you have a full belly and very happy guests. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any function and I know their calendar is booking up fast! There was talk of a food van in the future, I hope it happens and I get to stalk their food truck.

If you haven’t tried their food, I suggest visiting them at Beer Day Out Canberra this Saturday 8 November. Where: Old Bus Depot Markets – Kingston Time: From 1 pm


Venue: Mr Papa Peruvian Street Food Catering