Mixed feelings

Recently I have received both fantastic news and tragic news.

A few days ago I was told something that made me do a little dance on the spot and I couldn’t contain my excitement so much that I went to the bathroom to do another little dance with silent screams included but it hasn’t been fully confirmed so as soon as I know, I’ll tell you my little happy secret.

Today though, I was told that someone I love has not very long to live and will probably slip away from us before the weekend concludes. My face keeps leaking uncontrollably and I am reminded that everything that I wanted to tell him about our lives recently doesn’t matter any more and I just him to know that we love him. It does make me feel guilty though that I didn’t take the time to communicate more often or make more effort to see him, but instead of going down the path of ‘coulda woulda shoulda’, I’ll just concentrate on the memories that we have.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend, getting everything you wanted done, have time to relax a little and cherish the people you hold dear in your life.

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