Lonsdale street eastery sneak peek

My Royal with cheese from last night’s dinner at LSR. Yes it was as good as it looks! #cbr #Canberra #food #foodie #foodblog #foodporn #braddon #canberraeats #canberrafood #visitcanberra #localscan



3 thoughts on “Lonsdale street eastery sneak peek

    1. It tastes more like an American Burger with the type of cheese, sauce and pickles. I really like the beef patty and the bread
      I can’t say that I’d love it more than a Brodburger. When I think back to that night, all I can think of is: ooooooh I ate too much!!
      It is more decadent and rich in a hamburger sorta way
      Ps that was not the only thing on my tray that night

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