Just having a spot of tea down at the Versace hotel.
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Breakfast at Smoque

This was our plan B after Common Grounds in Gowrie failed to have pancakes available for the second day in a row. TimmyC had been raving about Woden Smoque‘s waffles as he had been several times without me.IMG_7997.JPGI love their huge Christmas tree.IMG_7994.JPGI’m not a fan of Aunt Jemima’s syrup as it is full of corn syrup but I like how there are condiments on every table so you can help yourself.IMG_7993.JPGSignature waffles~ Our signature American style waffles. We imported a speciality waffle iron from USA. All served with syrup.

The Classic plain waffle simply served with Maple Syrup and honey butter ($8.90). To be honest, this was all I wanted to try but I didn’t want both of us to order the same thing. TimmyC said that his previous experience here was much better as the waffle came out crazy hot and the honey butter had completely melted overt the top. Today the waffle came out luke warm and the butter had to be pasted over the top of the deep welled waffle but it never really melted.

The waffle itself was a little pancake-y and could have done with a bit more crisping.IMG_7999.JPG

IMG_8001.JPGBlue Suede waffle blueberry compote, whipped cream and honey butter ($12.90). Basically the same as the classic waffle but it has an added blueberry compote and some whipped cream. I like how most of the berries retained their juicy round shape despite being in a compote.IMG_8003.JPGI couldn’t finish it because the butter that failed to melt was OTT and it felt like I was eating solid fat.IMG_8006.JPGIt seems like food here is a little inconsistent if TimmyC had fabulous waffles (they were so good he ordered another serve) the previous week and this visit it was very mediocre.

I had been here previously for their dinner menu, see that post here.