I made this gorgeous little French girl wait to eat her pineapple sundae just so I could take a photo (or 5). She’s so sweet
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National Multicultural Festival BINGO

What a super cute idea!


The National Multicultural Festival is the BIGGEST annual celebration in Canberra. Foodies, families and visitors all love it (except perhaps when there’s a pram jam in the middle of Garema Place on the Saturday afternoon – you have been warned!)

The more you try at NMF the more you will enjoy it and remember what an amazing festival it is. You can travel the world’s cuisines in the comfort of your own home town, not to mention the unrivalled variety of beers and other drinks from around the world.

OK – you want to download the bingo card? here it is:

Download the pdf for nmf bingo

Print, share and use the #NMF2015 bingo card to enjoy this unique festival even more. Play against your friends or play against the rest of Canberra. Thanks to the generosity of Patrick Pentony and his team at Choku Bai Jo – we’re able…

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