Shanghai Dumpling King – Erindale

It is finally opened! And this is what a fellow blogger had to say about it

Mouthless Mutters

Dumplings! Dumplings a mere five minute drive from my house! These words are music to my ears. Shanghai Dumpling King has opened in Erindale – as far as I know the first dumpling joint in Tuggeranong. Exciting times. I believe it opened on Monday night (I’ve heard mixed reports), and we headed there last night (Thursday) after work to check it out.

The laid-back restaurant and take-away is located in the newer area of the Erindale Food Mecca – next to Schnitzel Haus and La Piazza (or if you haven’t been for a while, the space that was formerly occupied by The Garden). There is a front counter, where you can order your take away, and about 7 or 8 tables off to the side. The space is open and minimalist, with lots of grey and black – it’s a very informal feel. Which suits us fine for a quick…

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