Another one bites the dust
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It not usually the case that I go back to a suburb three nights in a row for dinner, especially since it is the opposite side of town for me, but Dickson provides a hub of interesting mixture of restaurants.The dining experiences were a combination of the familiar, the unknown and something new.


Thursday night: Jimmy’s Place 

It was Chinese New Year and we wanted to go out for crab and noodles. Naturally Jimmy’s is our first choice as it usually has the cheapest market price for mud crab and they do my favourite ‘ginger and shallots with a yi mein noodle base’ pretty well.

Friday night: Kimchi 

This was not my first preference as I don’t love Korean food but my friend chose restaurant and it was refreshing not to be in charge of food plans. We chose a lot of stuff that I like from the Korean menu and I’ve found some new favourites.

Saturday night: Bon Kura 

My friends couldn’t understand what I was doing when I ran to take photos of a shop front and told them to go inside Kimchi first and I’d meet them in there, but I couldn’t contain my excitement that I saw two new (well new to me) restaurants and Bon Kura was one of them; they just opened two weeks ago!


Watch this space for upcoming blog posts!

Frugii Dessert Laboratory re-run

A chocoholic Belgian, TimmyC and a foodie walked into a bar Frugii dessert laboratory.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke but it was my reality two weekends ago as we slipped away from the Multicultural festival and took a friend of mine to Frugii Dessert Laboratory for the first time.

We were greeted and warned by the lovely owner John Marshall, not to panic as the cake cabinets were currently empty but his wonderful wife Ed was on her way with the second drop off of cakes. We sat there patiently waiting for her with an ice cream in hand of course.

We all crowded around when the goods got delivered but we let John put them on cardboard first instead of eating directly from the box 😉IMG_9729I let my Belgian friend and TimmyC decide what to order while I was instagramming at the table (yes I have a problem)What happened next shouldn’t have really surprised me but it did anyway.

Ummm sorry, did you just come back with 6 pastries AND ice cream for dessert between the three of us? IMG_9738TimmyC was “restrained” enough not to get one of each flavour as we had recently had the Earl Grey with lemon (which was delicious). We wanted to try all the other flavours that we hadn’t gotten around to yet.

Lemon meringuecaramel; dark chocolate and raspberry; rose, vanilla and raspberry ($6.00). Although they were all tasty, we all had different ‘favourites’. My favourite was the lemon meringue, while the other sweet tooths preferred the dark chocolate and raspberry or the caramel.IMG_0105We came, we saw, we ate. *photo courtesy of TimmyCIMG_0106I don’t know if this post should count as a “re-run” since I’ve been there so many times but it is my second written post about the Frugii Dessert Laboratory. See my first post about their opening night here.