The District re-run

As my friends and I were planning yet another trip overseas together (when you travel well together, you may as well stick together), an essential part of our planning involves eating dinner first, followed by dessert and then eventually some planning with some random YouTube videos in between. We went to The District because it was close by and we enjoyed our meal there last time.

Margarita pizza with Napolitana sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil ($16.90). A simple pizza topping flavour but it was nice and fresh and I like their pizza base.Champagne chicken risotto with bacon, mushroom and parmesan ($24.90). A rich heavy bowl of cheesy comfort food.Chicken schnitzel with beer battered fries and salad ($18.90). Nothing too fantastic but the gravy that we ordered was ridiculously salty and so we asked for mushroom gravy and they were happy to give us another sauce for free.Specials~

Surf and turf I really enjoyed the hollandaise sauce but I didn’t like the dried, shriveled seafood mix that was  placed on top, they should just stick with the big prawns. The steak was a bit tough and dry but I don’t know if it is because Chifley’s has just ruined me for life.Seafood chowder with penne pasta. There was a nice mix of seafood in the chowder and I liked how the sauce had a nice chilli kick to it. I like the family feel of The District and I also like how it is tucked away out in the suburbs, I hope more establishments like this pop up in suburbia shops.

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Stock is up but my blog loses out

I stand here in my kitchen nursing a chicken stock instead of productively writing my blog, which has a draft box that is about to explode at any minute. 

I was prepping dinner for tomorrow night’s dinner party and what I thought was chicken wings turned out to be drumsticks. Readers would know I’m a HUGE fan of chicken wings but I’m not so fussed on the drumsticks. After a quick reshuffle of menu items, I have decided to do a spaghetti bolognese for tomorrow and utilize the chicken drumsticks as a base for a stock. 

So here I am singing along to random love songs (thanks iTunes Radio) and skimming the fat off my stock. Things could be worse. 

Wait, this counts as a blog post… Maybe it’s a win win situation, although this isn’t helping my draft box. 

Have you ever bought the wrong ingredient and repurposed it for something else?

My lunch dessert Gary!


When life gives you lemons, your sweetheart gives you a portugese tart 😍

My bad luck day included ant bites, shattered glass and bad traffic but it looks like my luck is about to change!


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