Stock is up but my blog loses out

I stand here in my kitchen nursing a chicken stock instead of productively writing my blog, which has a draft box that is about to explode at any minute. 

I was prepping dinner for tomorrow night’s dinner party and what I thought was chicken wings turned out to be drumsticks. Readers would know I’m a HUGE fan of chicken wings but I’m not so fussed on the drumsticks. After a quick reshuffle of menu items, I have decided to do a spaghetti bolognese for tomorrow and utilize the chicken drumsticks as a base for a stock. 

So here I am singing along to random love songs (thanks iTunes Radio) and skimming the fat off my stock. Things could be worse. 

Wait, this counts as a blog post… Maybe it’s a win win situation, although this isn’t helping my draft box. 

Have you ever bought the wrong ingredient and repurposed it for something else?