Using my early finish time to start writing my blog before TimmyC gets home. I’ve got all the essentials and moved outside for a scenic change. Now to not be tempted by my outdoor rocking chair.  


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      1. Is that a surface 3? Of course!! I have a sony vaio tap 11 but I can only saw the greatness of Surface since it’s not available here in Indonesia. I would like to own one one day.

      2. I am not sure 😦
        Microsoft doesn’t even have an office here. I hope one day.
        Do you buy any extra accessories for your Surface? I want to know more how it performs if you don’t mind?

      3. We bought the keyboard and that was it. It has one USB port which has been handy. Bought a cheap blue tooth mouse to go with it. I forget that I can tap the screen with my finger so I always use the mouse or touchpad Hehehe

      4. Indeed it is very useful you can do anything with it. I can feel the usefulness through my sony vaio 🙂
        When I am lazy I just take out the keyboard and use it as a tablet while sitting or lying on my bed. When I am in a serious working mode, I put on the keyboard and mouse. Microsoft has such a great product!

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