Plan E

Monday nights are always a little harder to find an open restaurant but when we had to go our 5th choice because of so many places closed, it was getting a bit ridiculous.

First choiceKinn Thai Canberra, today was supposed to be their grand opening but with a several day delay and no guarantee of an actual opening date it was time for plan B

Plan B– somewhere in Braddon followed by Frugii, sorry boys! Frugii is opened Wednesday – Sunday

Plan CLes Bistronomes, ooooh beef Wellington with red wine jus, yes please! Oh wait, you’re not open Monday’s either

Plan DShannon’s BBQ, not an actual restaurant by the looks of the photos but somewhere to satisfy our meat craving nonetheless, not open until Tuesday 28th… Of course it is :/ Luckily I checked before suggesting it to the group only to be disappointed again

Plan E– debating between Chifley’s bar and grill or Marble and Grain… Either way at least they are both open tonight


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