Sleep or eat 

I love winter, the cool weather means rich comfort foods and lots of blankets. After eating a hot homemade apple crumble, I ducked under a blanket and watched the first ep of Chef’s table but now I’m super hungry and craving the crunchy part of a lasagna. 

Here’s a tip, don’t watch food docos in the middle of the night even after dinner! Right now I need to either sleep or turn on my stove. 

The responsible adult in me says to go to bed, my tummy tells me to eat but the lazy side of me says stay right in the living under the blanket and watch the next episode. 😀


La crepe – Westside

Of course while we were waiting for our food from Miss Van’s, my friend’s and I couldn’t help but be enticed by the delicious smells coming from La Crêpe the next shipping container over. There’s nothing much more to really write than they smell amazing, Nutella was made to be on crepes and they even do ‘take aways’ so there is no excuse not to get one… Or two.

Here is their menu, crepes range from $5.00 – $9.00. Which one would you have picked?The guy noticed me taking photos and struck a pose. My friend was talking to him and he was super friendly and had helpful advise for when we head to Paris.It takes skill to get a crepe that thin. My friend made her husband wait as she went to get a second one to take away. How cute is the packaging! It looked much easier to eat than on the plate.A photo of my crepe before it got quickly devoured.Friendly service and it didn’t take that long for us to get our crepes even though we were impatiently drooling.

Venue: La Crepe

Address: Westside Acton Park, Barrine Drive, Acton 2601

Opening hours: hopefully similar times to Miss Van’s?

***This place is now closed *** 😦

TimmyC: ‘what do you want to eat?’ Me: ‘I’m not that hungry, I’ll grab a 6inch lamb roll with crackling and gravy from the Spit Shack’ TimmyC: ‘I’ll grab a pizza from Pizza Gusto’ Me: ‘ooh I want in on that too’
Yes I ate my roll and now smashing a pizza with a garlic oil base, mushies, mozzarella and truffle salt. Omg it is wonderful. Last orders 8:45pm tonight. #justsaying

Miss Van’s Street Food – Westside

We weren’t exactly starving but I was still keen on dragging my friends to Westside Acton Park and trying out Miss Van’s Street food which I had been waiting for weeks to open. I had been stalking their menu in anticipation of their opening and found it was a small but had precise flavours of Vietnam. I was hoping since that the menu is so refined that all the dishes that they prepare would be good.

Have you been to Westside Acton park yet?What would you choose from their menu?Beef Noodle Soup | Pho Our pho stock is cooked for a minimum of 24 hours following a closely guarded family recipe! We use only fresh noodles. All pho bowls are served with lime, thai basil, beanshoots, coriander and shallot, add your own sriracha, Miss Van’s chilli and garlic oil, fresh chilli and hoi sin. 

Rare beef noodle soup (pho tai) rare sliced marinated flank steak ($11.00). I had a spoonful of my friend’s soup and the broth was not oily or sweet but full off flavour with a slight chilli kick. I thought it was unusual that the beef wasn’t the thinly sliced stuff you get from an Asian grocer but rather more hand cut with additional beef chunks, despite the thicker cuts the beef was really tender. I probably would have ordered this if I didn’t have a big breakfast out and going straight to an afternoon tea, it would have also been a little harder to eat a noodle soup on low hipster seats.Check out the generous portions of beef!Vietnamese sandwich | Banh Mi our sandwich rolls are made on a signature Viet/French baguette, all banh mi served with whole egg ago, lightly pickled carrot, radish, coriander, soy sauce and chilli sauce. 

Chicken roll (banh mi ga) shredded chicken, confit shallot, house made pate ($7.00). I really liked the bread roll that they used, it had a crunchy exterior with a nice soft interior. Mmmm… My friend gave me all his coriander (yum!) so my view on this banh mi is a little biased. I’m not one for pate but I had it the way it was intended and it was really nice as it gave it an extra kick of salty goodness. When  I was ordering, they asked me if I wanted their homemade chilli that they said was hot, I asked for a little and it gave it a nice extra level of flavour. There was a tiny bit of gristle on the chicken but it didn’t ruin the bun as a whole.My friends ordered the pork roll.Soya bean milk homemade, infused with pandan leaf, lightly sweetened with palm sugar ($5.00). A subtle sweet drink with a hint of pandan after taste.Specials mini pork spring rolls ($5.00). Nice and hot crunchy spring rolls that are easy to share, too bad the specials menu are constantly being changed. 

I enjoyed the food that we shared from Miss Van’s, although the seating is a little harder to eat noodle soup. The food didn’t take that long to come and there are plenty of condiments for those who like their food nice and spicy.

Venue: Miss Van’s Street Food

Address: Westside Acton Park, Barrine Drive, Acton 2601

Opening times during Winter:

Wednesday – Saturday 12pm – late
Sunday 10am – 6pm


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Hamburger day

My sister informed me that today was Hamburger day which was coincidental because I was having hamburgers tonight!This is a sourdough roll with avocado, onions, Nimbin cheese and a truffle mustard beef patty. 
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Star Buffet re-run

It was easier to show people the Star Buffet rather than describing all the different types of food, so that’s where I went last Sunday night with 8 other people. To my surprise (and also the club receptionist who said that this was their quiet night) the place was packed! We were even seated in the off shoot area, but it was conveniently closer to the food. Everyone grabbed a plate and headed off into different directions.

There were a few new additions compared to the previous Sunday lunch including: vegetarian dumplings, honey soy chicken wings, short soup (the soup is bland but the dumplings were okay) and grilled pork chops. I was disappointed to see that there were no Portuguese tarts that night but the mini creme brulees were still my favourite dessert pick.So have you been yet? Tell me what you think of Star buffet and if you think a place like this is viable with Canberra’s population.

See my first post here.
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Just because 

I just made a chocolate cake just so I could line a cake tin. Just one of the many handy things I learnt how to do at #3seeds cooking class. There are chocolate chunks on the top and when it comes out from the oven, it is so gooey. #justbecause #canberrafood #canberraeats #cbr #foodie #food #foodblog #homemade

Get in my belly

How do you like your pork belly? With crackling and quince glaze? Same here. 

Some friends and I did a private cooking class last night and this is what we made for the main.  

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The big 3-0

I didn’t mind turning 30 yesterday and if I knew I was going to get profiteroles with passion fruit custard. I think I would have preferred to be turning 80 to get a few more!

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