What came first, the weekend or the egg?

My supposed quiet weekend turned into a whirlwind of baby holding (oh my they were cute), over due catch ups and a lot of time in the kitchen.

While I was in the kitchen I used 23 eggs in total which in turn was made into: one rich chocolate cake, 36 mini quiches, 2 big quiches, one batch of white chocolate and cranberry cookies, pancakes and a delicious sunny side egg on top of a bed of rice.

What did you guys get up to over the long weekend? Did you make anything particularly delicious in your kitchen?

The big quiche I made had spinach, haloumi and truss tomatoesI used puff pastry because I like the texture more than short crust.  These white chocolate and cranberry cookies were delicious but even more amazing when they were straight out of the oven… Mmmmmm