We just finished our 6 courses of suckling pig. Mmmm#cbd #localscan   



Foodie seeks person with private plane

Fly me to Modena in September and we could be bestest of friends. Will pay for my own meal, although if you’re nice enough to fly me there I could probably pay for yours as well. Neat and tidy person with a valid passport. Can fly with 24hrs notice.

It looks like a ‘wanted ad’ in the newspaper but I would love for someone to fly me to Modena, Italy and back just so I can dine at Osteria Francescana. I am headed to Europe for the first time (very) soon but the world’s #2 restaurant only has some reservations for lunch in September available.

So I’m just putting it out there, if you have a private plane and would love some lovely company over an incredible meal, PM me 😉