Greetings from Seoul

I was minding my own business when I saw a place serving cheese caramel soft serve. Naturally I had to have one. It tasted like Doritos scrunched up with subtle sweet condensed milk. Oh Korea, you crazy. 
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The Loft

I had been to The Loft several years ago, we enjoyed many tapas and had a really fun night in what was a very busy establishment. Since then they have gone through a revamp, new menu and now they are even open for lunch. I’ve been keen to get there for a while and finally my friend and I went the last week. 
The Loft is located about the Duxton pub, the stairs to get up there are inside the pub.
A.baker bread with Pepe Saya butter ($3.00pp).  According to the bill this was one serve (there were six little slices of bread). The butter was on the harder side but it didn’t tear the bread and was still able to be spread.
Chickpea crepe, caramelised onion and lamb pruscuitto ($14.00). We weren’t going to order an entree but it didn’t take much to twist our arm either. There was nothing that really stood out to us so we went with the recommendation of the waitress. Chickpea crepe, lamb prosciutto… These ingredients were unfamiliar to me so I didn’t know what to expect. The lamb tasted like pastrami and gave this a nice salty hit with spices. The crepe was slight oily but retained its crispiness which I really adored. The caramel used onions were cooked perfectly and added the sweet touch which really brought this whole dish together. For something that we almost didn’t order, it was a delicious surprise.Tangier Taster a colour and fruity mix of fresh limes, agave syrup, orange juice, pineapple juice with a top of cranberry juice ($9.00). I’ve had many mocktails in my time, they usually taste like an over sweetened fruit juice with one dominating flavour but this was really nice. It was a lovely balance of pomegranate and lime.It’s not often that I choose the same meal as the other person if there is just the two of us eating but I felt like risotto and my friend really wanted it too. Two risottos please.

Lobster and fennel risotto, saffron butter ($34.00). There were four decent sized pieces of lobster in the risotto which was not over cooked and had a little natural sweetness of its own. The risotto itself was rather rich and filling, my friend thought it was a tad too salty for her but for me it was fine especially since it wasn’t served with Parmesan cheese. The fennel gave the dish a refreshing feel with a nice crispy texture contrast. It was a little on the smaller size for a serve but the risotto is filling and the flavours were very rich.I was surprised that there were only two tables during the lunch seating. I guess people just need to find about this place, the delicious food and the rather convenient location.Venue: The Loft

Address: above the Duxton pub at the Turner (stairs are inside the Duxton)

Opening hours: lunch Thursday – Sunday dinner Wednesday – Saturday