I had interstate friends visiting and they said that they wanted either Indian or Thai food for dinner and I knew exactly where I wanted to take them. I’ve been wanting to try Kinn even before they were open but after some hiccups and delaying their ‘Grand Opening’, I wasn’t able to get there until recently. Until now I just had food envy from other foodies FPJ, The Food Avenue and Michelle at HerCanberra.

I booked for a table of four on a Saturday night which was a wise decision considering how busy it was inside. What wasn’t a wise decision was my friends and I meeting up previously for a three course lunch followed by lots of delicious scrolls from Mr. Scroll (which you can now buy at the Kingston Old Busy Depot Markets). For people who didn’t really feel hungry after grazing for six hours straight, I was surprised that we still managed to order four entrées and five mains. The menu is helpful with photos of dishes, vegan and vegetarian options as well as an indication of spice levels.What caught all our eyes as foodies was the big non alcoholic cocktails list (all $9.00). Oh My Lychee plenty of lychees, touch of apple and citrus. TimmyC loves iced lychee drinks and we haven’t really seen them in Canberra so he was very excited to see this on the menu. He liked this so much that he ended up getting two and I barely had a sip.To start~

Kinn duck pancake (2pcs) roasted duck breast, cucumber and shallot wrapped in a house made rosemary pancake ($10.00). These felt a bit cold and the duck breast pieces were a bit thick and dry to really be enjoyed in a pancake.Crab prawn roll (4pcs) deep fried spring roll filled with crab meat and aromatic Thai herbs with plum sauce ($7.00). I surprisingly really enjoyed these, they are small but my friend was still nice enough to share some.Small dish and soup~

Chicken wings an aromatic spicy mid-wings with fried Thai herbs ($11.00). Don’t laugh but yes I ordered chicken wings and they weren’t cheap. The cut was a bit odd because even though they were mid wings, half the wing was missing because there was only one bone inside. Despite this odd small shape of the wing, they tasted really good and I absolutely adored the addition of fried kaffir lime leaves, it was really aromatic and made a huge difference.A small odd shape but still very tasty.Kinn’s dishes~

Chilli jam crispy soft shell crabs famous Thai cuisine dish, crispy soft shell crab with special homemade chilli jam sauce ($23.00). Soft shell crab isn’t for everyone but it really delicious and if you haven’t tried it before, you must.Crispy pork belly crispy pork belly, Vietnamese mint with capsicum chilli sauce and a cucumber relish ($24.00). Staying true to its name, the pork was really crunchy and crisp. The heavy flavours of the pork were balanced out with the refreshing mint and sauce.Massamun lamb shank twenty four hours slow cooked lamb shank in a Massamun curry, served with mash sweet potato and roti ($19.50). I was really amazed how much I enjoyed this dish. The slightly sweet massamun curry didn’t distract from the very tender lamb flavours. I really also enjoyed the roti and if I was as full as I was, I probably would have ordered more.Curry~

Despite almost ordering the whole section of ‘Kinn’s dishes’ and really wanting to try the barramundi we ended up choosing the Beef Penang curry light curry, bean, pumpkin, apple eggplant and Thai basil ($16.00). This had some chilli kick to it but it wasn’t unbearable. I really enjoyed the rich flavours of the curry and the addition of herbs was perfect.Stir fried~

Vegetables stir fried with cashew nut sauce stir fried child chilli jam, roasted cashew nuts, onions, shallot and long red chilli ($15.00). With everything being so meat heavy, TimmyC suggested we order some vegetables. It must have been a good idea because it was one of the first dishes to be finished.There are still so many things I want to try, the stir fries, the grilled meats, the noodles! I am super keen to come back.

This never happens but we couldn’t finish it all and I couldn’t part with the food, so I took it home and they packed it up very nicely for me.Venue: Kinn Thai

Address: 125 Bunda Street, Civic, ACT (where Wagamama used to be).

Phone: 0477422203

Bookings: my friends have booked and walked in before but I’d book ahead because it gets crazy busy in there.


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