Lazy May’s

Whilst in Europe, I was reading Canberra Foodie’s adventures back at home and I had complete food envy. I knew instantly that when I came back to Canberra that I wanted to go to Lazy May’s immediately. Tuggeranong has NEEDED a good coffee shop serving breakfast and lunch for a very long time and I think this cafe is the answer to that.I love this wall.

I love their little salt shakers.Tim got a little greedy as he wanted the sweet sliders AND eggs his way and because I didn’t really have a preference I just went a long with it, as long as I got a good a photo (hahaha!) but I insisted I wanted bacon and a hash brown with his eggs and garlic mushrooms. We did have a stipulation that we would only order the hash brown if it wasn’t the frozen store-bought stuff and actually made in-house. After the waitress went to check they were indeed made in-house, we were all set with our breakfast order.
Build your own eggs on toast your choice of scrambled, poached or sunny side up served on artisan sourdough bread ($9.50) with optional sides ($3.00 each) bacon, baby roma vine tomatoes, hash brown, garlic mushrooms, avocado smash, baby spinach. After we ordered ‘eggs our way’ and everything else, at $3 a pop (which is pretty reasonable) it ended up being a double the original price. We really enjoyed the mushrooms but I wouldn’t bother with the hash brown again. It was cold and floury like a pancake with some grated potato, we informed the waitress as we paid for the bill and she was apologetic but we said that it wasn’t her fault and that the rest of the meal was lovely.We ordered the eggs over easy and they were cooked perfectly, look at that yolk.The cold potato pancake supposed hash brown wasn’t so great.
Brioche sweet French sliders mini brioche slider buns with salted caramelised banana and strawberry filling served with vanilla bean ice cream ($11.50). I didn’t think that the banana was caramelised at all or that there was enough vanilla ice-cream, but that didn’t make it any less amazing than it was. It isn’t too strange of a concept, think brioche French toast with delicious butterscotch sauce that you can keep drowning the bread into. It is a pretty messy breakfast but thankfully it wasn’t our first date.Eat now, wipe your hands later. I used a spoon to constantly douse my brioche in sauce.
Flat white coffee (large). TimmyC really really enjoyed his coffee; he said it was smooth and easy to drink. I think he felt relieved that he is able to get good coffee close to home.
 Lazy May’s milkshakes salted caramel and popcorn ($6.00). It isn’t as intense and rich as it sounds. The milk is slightly sweetened but to get that salted caramel and popcorn flavour you need to lick the rim of the glass. I think that the milk shake needs a little tweaking, but I do like how it is not OTT. I am loving awesome cafes that are tucked away in the suburbs; south side is slowly catching up to north side with places like Fox and Bow (Farrer), Red Brick espresso (Curtin), Common Grounds (Garran) and A bite to eat (Chifley). Now I can add Lazy May’s to the list as I really enjoyed their atmosphere, service and food. I will be back soon to try their lunch menu because whatever Food Porn Journal ordered looked awesome.
Venue: Lazy May’s
Address: 41/1 Colishaw Street, Greenway ACT 2900
Phone: 02 6174 1594
Opening hoursMonday – Saturday 7:00am–4:00pm


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Wednesdays at Little Brooklyn 

I made it no secret that it didn’t take much to convince me not to cook dinner and head out to Little Brooklyn for their hump day specials. Last week’s flavour was teriyaki, it seems like they change it up every week.  Hump day specials at Little Brooklyn include 1kg of chicken wings and a drink for $15.00, tonight’s flavour is chicken korma with lime and cumin yoghurt. Where will you be tonight?

Monday-itis cure

TimmyC and I made strawberry and cream cupcakes to take to dinner last night. I had one today to make my Monday a little sweeter. How’s your week starting out?
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A little bit fancy

It has been just over a week since I’ve been home. I’m still eating Vegemite toast while TimmyC has opted for fancier options. Homemade vegan granola with kiwi fruit, strawberries and honey sweetened yoghurt. 

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National Hot Dog Day

Technically not a hot dog but it is at least it’s in a hot dog bun! Tonight I had cheese kransky with extra cheese. Today is National Hot Dog day, I didn’t plan this it was just a happy coincidence. #hotdogday #cbr #canberrafood #canberraeats #thiscanberranlife #food #foodie  


An apple a day…

Will give you enough apples to make an apple crumble after one week. That’s how the saying goes right? 

When you leave 30+ degrees and come home to -3 you say goodbye to sunny dinner times, gelato every day and swimming in baths and say hello to heaters, comfort food and apple crumble. I stewed three types of apple with cinnamon and nutmeg and threw a crumble on top. I was too lazy to make custard so we went with French Vanilla ice cream instead. 

Hello #cbrrr I’ve missed you. 

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Paleo Cafe, Braddon

I could eat a beef cheek or two right now

Lily & Ouk Eat Food


So as you may have noticed, I’m not overly healthy. My diet consist of mainly greasy burgers, flavoursome phos and fatty ramens. So when it comes to health related diets like paleo, atkins and what not, I’m not overly keen or interested. So when I first heard about the Paleo Cafe opening up in Braddon, I didn’t really care that much. However, after hearing that they serve a tumeric latte, suddenly it was a different story! The Paleo Cafe went from your typical healthy eatery to potentially a hipster cafe! So, I decided to give it a go and headed over last weekend.

I must say, I actually had some difficulty finding the Paleo Cafe, its not hidden or anything. I guess I was just expecting it to be in the heart of Braddon and located somewhere on Lonsdale Street. Instead, the Paleo Cafe is situated on Mort Street, towards the north…

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Lazy May’s

Yay southside!!!

Mouthless Mutters

You guys, Lazy May’s is finally open!

The “café coming soon” sign in the window of the vacant space across from the Louisa Lawson Building and the Southern Cross Club in Tuggeranong has been taunting me for what feels like forever (but is closer to about six months) and this morning it was replaced by a working café! Yaay!


Lazy May’s is located in the bottom of the Emphora Apartments Building on Cowlishaw Street and is a large open, bright space that serves up coffee and food from 7am. There’s a lot of little details that blend in to make the space look quite simple – but if you look closely you can see the little details, like the wooden boards on the roof, the really cool lights, the really comfy looking couches and the clean lines of the wooden bar.


I went this morning, opening day, with a friend…

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