When in Italy, you have to have pizza, pasta, gelato repeat. This was delicious créme caramel #gelato that was very refreshing in the heat. #Italy #Eataly #food #foodie #foodblog #Rome  


What’s in season: July

In season: July



artichoke, Asian greens, avocados, beetroot, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, eschallots (red shallots), fennel, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, shiitake mushrooms, okra, olives, brown onions, pickling onion, parsnips, potatoes, pumpkins, shallots, silverbeet, spinach, swedes, sweet potatoes, truffle (local Canberra black truffle), turnips, wombok (aka Chinese cabbage, aka celery cabbage), witlof (aka Belgian endive)

Herbs, spices and aromatics

ginger, horseradish, nuts, spring onions (aka green onions, aka shallots – not eschallots), turmeric

Fruits, berries and nuts

apples (Granny Smith), cumquats, custard apples, grapefruit, lemons, limes, mandarins, melons, oranges (blood), oranges (Navel), papaya, pears, persimmons, pineapple, pomelos, quince, rhubarb, tangelos