Paleo Cafe, Braddon

I could eat a beef cheek or two right now

Lily & Ouk Eat Food


So as you may have noticed, I’m not overly healthy. My diet consist of mainly greasy burgers, flavoursome phos and fatty ramens. So when it comes to health related diets like paleo, atkins and what not, I’m not overly keen or interested. So when I first heard about the Paleo Cafe opening up in Braddon, I didn’t really care that much. However, after hearing that they serve a tumeric latte, suddenly it was a different story! The Paleo Cafe went from your typical healthy eatery to potentially a hipster cafe! So, I decided to give it a go and headed over last weekend.

I must say, I actually had some difficulty finding the Paleo Cafe, its not hidden or anything. I guess I was just expecting it to be in the heart of Braddon and located somewhere on Lonsdale Street. Instead, the Paleo Cafe is situated on Mort Street, towards the north…

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