Fun in the sun

Sun, milkshakes and relaxing. The things that all brides to be should incorporate into their lives. Maybe even everyone…#cbr #bridetobe #localscan #milkshake #food #foodie #saltedcaramelpopcorn #canberraeats #canberrafood #ona   


Italiano Vero sneak peek

I spy with my friend’s eye, something beginning with yum!

It is so lovely me that my friends think of me when they see a new eatery and they send me photos, it’s like the foodie version of Gossip Girl (xoxo). Haha!

Spotted: A new Italian eatery in Civic making big calls about being the “ONLY Italian in Canberra”, I hope Italiano Vero lives up to the expectations it is creating. Have you eaten here yet dear reader? The menu seems extensive and everything seems reasonably priced.
Thanks for the photos and heads up Thomas!