The writing window

It has been a while since I posted something outside an Instagram photo on here (yesterday’s mini post about an upcoming date doesn’t count because it contradicts what I just wrote).

The wedding is done and dusted, so I sit myself down to start writing the massive backlog I created myself as I didn’t slow down my eating out to stay at home planning the wedding but rather procrastinated from the process by going out even more. Writing about food has to be done during a certain window, when you are not too full to feel sick at looking at more photos of food and when you’re not ravenous and staring at pictures of food just pushes you towards feeling hangry. Today I happened to be hungry while I started writing; I had a butterflied rosemary and mint lamb from Jordo’s chop shop cooking in the oven and I set the timer for just over an hour.

I typed in the title of my next post and I started getting really hungry. I instinctively head towards the kitchen and check the timer that I had only just set only to realise that there is still quite a wait before I can eat. I tell myself to stop checking but this happens several more times while the timer slowly counts down.

The moral of this story is: plan meals better  to avoid this happening to you and to also let you know that writing my next post took a lot longer than anticipated.

Finally cooked: rosemary and mint Cowra lamb from Jordo’s chop shop.


The countdown begins 

30th October 2015 10am. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then good. The less competitors, the better. 

To the rest of you who have this date already in your diary, I may need to make alliances with you during this process. 

May we all be lucky enough to experience what is coming…

Back to the Future

“Hydration level four, please” Happy Back to the Future day! I wanted to get married on this day but it turned out to be a Wednesday. We might not have hover boards yet but we have nice cafes that give you a happy cookie with your beverage. 

#backtothefuture #cbr #localscan #cafe #food #foodie #foxandbow   

Erindale cakery bakery vanilla slice. I must say I love how in tact you stay while I slowly take bites out of you. Pastry is awesome, custard could be better. I really want to try your lamington next time. 
#cbr #canberrafood #canberraeats #food #foodie #localscan #vanillaslice #erindale #bakery   

Patissez to go

#Patissez version of a St Honore at $9 a pop, ouch. The vanilla cream with the spun sugar and fruit was very nice, choux pastry not so much. I must say their cake cabinet looked very tempting and it was hard to choose. #cbr #canberraeats #canberrafood #localscan #tart #food #foodie #cafe #manuka #instafood   

Italiano Vero sneak peek

I spy with my friend’s eye, something beginning with yum!

It is so lovely me that my friends think of me when they see a new eatery and they send me photos, it’s like the foodie version of Gossip Girl (xoxo). Haha!

Spotted: A new Italian eatery in Civic making big calls about being the “ONLY Italian in Canberra”, I hope Italiano Vero lives up to the expectations it is creating. Have you eaten here yet dear reader? The menu seems extensive and everything seems reasonably priced.
Thanks for the photos and heads up Thomas!

Curing Monday-itis 

I was privileged enough to try @rarelyseen ‘s first attempt at tonkotsu ramen. That’s right, he made everything! Hours of labour to make the broth, marinating and cooking the pork and eggs and then the noodles! Yes, I can confirm it is the best in Canberra. Now to wait for him to quit his day job and make me ramen full time 😊
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I woke up to two facts this morning, 1) it’s not a Monday public holiday 2) I’ve already eaten this dessert from @mrfrugii
It has been a rough morning. 😔



Malt custard, caramel liquid, chocolate jam, nougat mousse.
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