XO re-run 

Just like Santa, I’m going through my list and checking it twice, although mine is probably less of a list and more of a menu, more specifically XO‘s menu. After patting my belly at the end my second visit, I checked the menu and there are only four items that I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting yet. Soon, my pretties. Soon you’ll be mine.

Don’t mind me and my random sense of humoursoonmyprettiesyouwillbemineSince I had eaten most of the menu the first time around I spent most of my second trip talking to friends and enjoying the food all over again, I did eat more than two things (best you don’t know how much more) and I’ll only write about the dishes I hadn’t tried before.

Steamed dumping  minced prawn and pork with spicy soy vinaigrette ($16.00). These reminded me of the dumplings you can get at Din Tai Fung, and that is fine by me. Unbeknownst to me, my chilli tolerance must be gradually getting better because I didn’t think the soy sauce was too spicy but according to some, it was.
Barramundi fillet steamed in sesame soy with cherry tomatoes and pickled mustard leaves ($32.00). Most of my life, I remember my family patiently sitting there and waiting for me to finish eating at restaurants and what I am usually ‘pecking’ at is the last of the steamed fish with soy sauce that I love drowning in my bowl of rice. I don’t often have this dish anymore as A) I’m more aware of how much a steamed fish costs at a restaurant (lots of thanks for all the meals Mummy paid for) and B) I can’t eat a whole one to myself and need people to share it with. Anyway, back to this dish, It reminds me exactly of that dish (minus the tomatoes), it makes my heart flutter and takes me back to my childhood. The fish itself was really delicate and almost melts in your mouth, which is not usually a term you would use to describe fish! I was keen to try this after reading Gary’s review of XO and I’m so glad that I got the opportunity.
I’m still dreaming about the Asian bolognese and xiu mai… YUMMMMMMMMMMMM