Fun filled weekend – Monster

Since I was basically at capacity after our dinner at Močan and Green Grout, I had no input in what to do about dessert (yes, some of us could still fit it in). Nothing in particular sparked TimmyC’s interest on their dessert menu so he suggested to go to Monster which was just a short stroll away.
We seated ourselves in the new section near the fancy fireplace, which was thankfully off. Friends chose their desserts quickly and when I was probed about not having a dessert by the friendly waitress, TimmyC quickly chose a dessert for me but really a second one for himself.
Hot chocolate ($4.00).
Flat white coffee ($4.00).Creme Catalan, pear, Pedro Ximinez ($17.00). When we were receiving our cutlery, our waitress informed us that we ordered the last two Creme catalans and that we were very lucky. I knew how big the catalan was because another friend had ordered it recently but it caught everyone else by surprise. It is a really smooth custard with chunks of soft pear every so often, topped with a sprinkle of sweet syrup. The perfect dessert for those who are looking for something not too sweet, rich or heavy.
Mango, coconut, lime, sesame ice cream, lychee sherbet ($17.00). When I took a photo of this dish, I didn’t even know what angle to take it from (clearly) and I was even more puzzled about where to start when I was tasting it. I just dabbed my spoon in a bit of everything and the dominant tastes in my mouth were mango and coconut. We went back to review the menu to see what was on the plate and we couldn’t taste lychee at all but it was a very light and fruity dessert.
Soft chocolate, poached figs, almond, fig leaf ice-cream ($19.00). Although this was the sweetest dessert at the table it still wasn’t too rich or heavy. I found the texture of the soft chocolate (hidden somewhere underneath) to be somewhere between dense mousse and a soft jube, it was thick but had an unusual natural spring to it. I didn’t get to each too much of this dessert because TimmyC eats so quickly but he at least left me the figs, which I loved. I don’t think that the figs really paired well with everything else and I don’t think it was worth the steep price tag.
We were served by a lovely waitress who we also found very amusing. When we received the bill it turns out that we spent just as much on dessert as we did on dinner at Močan and Green Grout. Prices have always been more expensive at Monster but we didn’t mind paying more as not many places are open that late and we really liked the atmosphere.

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