Pod Food re-run

We went out for a double date to Pod Food with another couple who had purchased a living social voucher. It was the promise of lovely food with fantastic company, an offer we could not refuse.
Mocktail ($10.00).
I had asked our waiter if I could have a mocktail, he then asked for the flavours that I’d like and all I specified was it to be sweet. He came back with this concoction and although he mixed several things together, all I could predominately taste was ginger ale with a slightly sweet after taste (reminded me of vanilla coke but with ginger ale). I didn’t mind it, but the bubbly nature of the drink made me sip slowly so not to get full from this beverage.
Bread with fennel pollen butter ($6.00 4 pieces). I not exactly sure who thinks of putting foraged fennel pollen in butter but they are a genius. With the combination of superb warmed bread, we couldn’t help but order another serve.
Living social voucher was a 5 course dinner degustation for four people ($249)
Tasting menu~
South coast snapper tartare, nectarine, radish, rice crisp. The delicate crisp held really well together as we took multiple bites to finish this. This was stunning to look at and a nice refreshing way to start the dinner; we were all very impressed.
Duck replacement. They had run out of eggplant custard by the time we got to this course so they said that the chef was changing it to something to do with duck breast. This duck ‘spring roll’ with morcilla and green tomato felt very thrown together and was a confused fusion of asian and south american. I didn’t like it and it was even more disappointing for this course to follow such a brilliant start.
Chicken consomme, soft egg, soba noodles, oyster mushroom, toast. The consomme was a one note, salty broth that didn’t bring to life the other somewhat bland ingredients. I ate it quickly because I was hungry and there was a rather long wait between courses.
Char-grilled beef, sweet potato galette, apricot, fennel. This wasn’t the nicest beef that I have had and it felt a little dry in parts, but I really did enjoy the apricot sweet touches to the main.
Chocolate mousse, blackberry, crème fraîche ice cream. The chocolate mousse was very sweet and rich but it was balanced out by the crème fraîche ice cream. It was a nice way to finish off the meal. 
A close up shot of the desssert.The dinner degustation that we had was inconsistent but overall I was not too impressed with the meal, which is a shame because I usually enjoy the food here. The night was not made better by the fact that we were sitting outside being eaten alive by mosquitoes that were raging in the fountain near by. Despite this, we found the staff to be very polite, attentive and friendly.
Venue: Pod Food
Address: 12 Beltana Rd, Pialligo ACT 2609

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