When your weekend is busy, you need sustenance or have yum cha with friends. 
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  1. Look wonderful! Which restaurant did you go to? We recently had yum cha at a place in Belconnen but I was disappointed by the lack of variety and especially the lack of vegetables. This spread looks much more appealing.

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Hahaha this might be the one you went to. This is Dumpling Inn in Jamison. It was fairly cheap, we ate a lot but it was only $25 pp
      The best one in Canberra is probably ginseng inside the Hellenic club in Woden. I went there the day after going to dumpling inn (yes I had yum Cha twice in one weekend)

      1. Thanks muchly! I’ve never tried the place at Jamison; the vege-less one we tried was closer to Belconnen town centre. Appreciate the tips. So much food, so little time and tummy space …

  2. Yum cha is my addiction. So far in Canberra I have tried:

    * Dumpling Inn – Jamison 4/5
    * The Scholar – Dickson 4/5
    * Hoang Hu – Kingston 3/5 – $22.80 all you can eat
    * Spicy Ginger – Near ANU 3/5 – $20 all you can eat
    * Prince Palace – Belconnen 3/5 – $35 all you can eat

    So far, my fav is The Scholar in Dickson. Will have to try Ginseng next week 🙂
    Thanks for the info and loves your blog!

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