Winter is here

So winter begins but I will still find new ways to eat my ice cream. 
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What? When did that happen?

Three or four years ago I would have comfortably said that I had eaten at most restaurants in Canberra (excluding all the Chinese restaurants that every suburb seems to have), but I’m now trying to catch up with 1) what has been opening with Canberra’s restaurant boom 2) the previous “new” places that are now old because I never got around to it the first time and 3) going back to try the seasonal menu at the good ol’ favourites. I used to be on the pulse of what was new and up coming to Canberra but now I have found myself saying “What! When did that happen?” more often than not.

Did you know that:

1) Belgium Beer Cafe has closed. “What! When did that happen?”

Apparently a year ago! Unfortunately, me and most of Canberra haven’t been to the Kingston green square recently because we are too busy driving around looking for parks around the Kingston foreshore, but I hear something exciting is going to take its place

2) Soju girl is now closed. “What! When did that happen?”

I had recently written about one of my many happy meals shared at Soju girl and as soon as I posted it, it closed for renovations (according to the website). Fast forward a few months and now the website doesn’t exist and the whole restaurant inside looks deserted. Good bye Soju girl 😦

3) Muddle bar is closed. “What! When did that happen?”

Now replaced by 16West, a LGBTQI friendly bar that looks very trendy inside. I love that they have a lot of diverse plans for this space including “informal hiring program for young transgender Canberrans, performances by LGBTQI comedians to drag queen nights and weekend breakfast for gay mums and dads groups“.

4) French Black Truffles of Canberra farm has been sold. “What! When did that happen?”

Sherry McArdle-English has sold the farm to spend more time with her husband. The new owners are trading under the name: The Truffle Farm and are offering a six course truffle lunch menu ($180.00) created by Chef Damian Brabender during the truffle season (the truffle season runs from early June to September).

5) Silver Fox is closed. “What! When did that happen?”

I didn’t even get to Silver Fox during its 18 month stint in Curtin but the one day I go, I’m greeted with the interior undergoing a refurbishment and a promise that it will open in 10 days or so (sometime early June) as a new restaurant with new owners.

6) Maccas now have a hot chocolate pie ($1.50). “What! When did that happen?”

Apparently last Tuesday when they launched the loaded gravy fries. I didn’t try the pie but I did order the loaded fries (sml $3.30). I really liked the gravy but the serving sizes are a bit stingey, I think you should at least fill half or more of the container if you’ve gone out of your way to put it in such a big box.