I remember going to Flatheads back in the day at least once a week. They delivered on giving me a delicious cheeseburger and I always ordered a potato scallop that I would slide in under my bun lid. For it me it was always quick and reliable.So you could imagine my delight when I saw that The Food Avenue posted the return of the awesome fish and chip shop but other than being in the same location, everything else has changed. The menu is different, their look is a thousand times more modern and it really is just an extension from Duxton’s bistro as they share the same kitchen. There are a lot of ‘on the go’ products even for those with a sweet tooth.Check out their menu!Fisherman basket calamari, oysters, panko crumbed prawns, fish, chips, lemon and tartar sauce ($20.00). I wanted to eat fish and chips and as much variety as I could, so this was the logical choice for me. Unfortunately by the end of it I was having deep fried sweats and I couldn’t eat anymore, leaving behind some calamari, some prawns and a lot of chips. I didn’t love my oysters as it looked like someone had gouged them while shucking the shell. I wouldn’t order this again unless I shared it with someone and ordered something else non deep fried but I would like to go back and try with cheeseburger (no potato scallops on the menu, boooooo!) or their pizzas.BBQ King prawns and salad chilli, garlic ($20.00). After indulging in a big breakfast, my friend wanted a lighter lunch option but she was surprised to see a big portion and that her meal also came with chips. I was amazed to see 6 prawns in the box but my friend said that she was little disappointed with the lack of freshness because they were hard to peel. It got really messy real quick- not a first date meal.Fish and chips barramundi, lemon, tartar sauce ($16.00). My other friend really enjoyed his lunch but he couldn’t finish it. You can get your fish either battered or grilled.The service was friendly, I think they have incredible opening hours and it is handy to have a take away shop in the area. I wonder if you could just grab a big bottle of water from the pub otherwise you’ll be left paying $4 bucks for Mount Franklin water like I did.

Venue: Flatheads

Address: cnr Bluebell street and Macpherson street, O’Connor

Phone: (02) 62477330

Opening hours: 6am – late, 7 days


2016 in review

As we all scramble to finish off things before end of the year (this must be how an accountant feels in June) and set high expectations for the next, I sit here thinking about all the delicious things I’ve eaten. I usually do a list of Canberran eateries,  but I’ve been travelling here and there and some interstate dining has been very memorable.

– 2016 memorable eateries review –

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (Crown casino, Melbourne) – Wow, this was a magical experience, I would go just for the tipsy cake alone! Definitely worth the trip to Melbourne.Mr. Wong (City, Sydney) – I have been slack and haven’t gotten around to posting about this yet but my oh my I still dream about their dumplings, roast duck and mango pudding like it was yesterday.86 (Braddon, Canberra) – Not only have I been enjoying their all you can eat for $86, I am absolutely in love with their pasta and their pate surprisingly blew me away.Gradi (Crown casino, Melbourne) I’m starting to notice how slack I’ve been with my blogging; I also haven’t written about this yet but I was so impressed by everything from pizza to pasta and their cured meats.Lolo and Lola (West side village, Canberra) – Their grilled meats are next level and I am always on the look out for adobo, chicken wings or pork belly on their lunch menus. If you’re lucky enough, their pop up dinners give you an amazing insight to the diverse range in Filipino cuisine.af158a68-ec17-4026-a5f2-c3d83f80833aMolto (Kingston foreshore, Canberra) – Molto took me by surprise this year and every time I’ve been I haven’t been disappointed in their pasta, pizza, mozzarella or service.Frugii (Braddon, Canberra) – John has always blown my mind with what flavours he can recreate in a delicious smooth ice cream but this year he has brought out a New York cheesecake that brings tears to my eyes.

New York cheesecake ($6.00). XO (Narrabundah, Canberra) – I don’t know why I’ve stayed away for so long but my next visit to XO will be very soon. Their Asian bolognese is still amazing but their new vanella stracciatella is absolutely beautiful.

Vanella stracciatella ($18.00). So cheesy, sooooooooooooo good.img_1466Attica (Ripponlea, Melbourne) – We had this very early on in the year but it was definitely one of the most memorable dinners that I’ve ever had. I love how the restaurant is very humble and you would never assume Australia’s only restaurant in the World’s best 50 restaurants to be tucked away in the suburbs. We had a very long dinner where the time just seemed to fly by and we just kept on being amazed with every course.Noma (Barangaroo pop up, Sydney) – This was definitely a polarizing meal as some people loved it and some people were less than impressed. I loved how they have taken Australian native ingredients and showcased it back to us in a way we have never seen or experienced. Their snow crab, marron dumpling and abalone schnitzel dishes still make me smile when I thinker of them.Ali King’s Desserts Cakes and Events (Canberra)Again, this is one of those events I didn’t get around to posting about yet but I was seriously impressed with this girl’s talent. Check out Ali King’s instagram to see where she will be popping up around town. I hope she gets to do a few high teas early next year.

“I used to be a lot boulder” chocolate mousse, passionfruit crème, peanut caramel, brownie, chocolate crumb.img_1294Ginseng (Hellenic club Woden, Canberra) – I have been here countless times as it is one of the best places for yum cha in Canberra. My go to dishes are fried dough stick in rice noodles, egg custard bun and their prawn and chive dumplings. 

I hope you have a wonderful new year and may 2017 be even more delicious.