Sorrows end in snot (block)

I hadn’t been to Aldi for a while but I was shocked to see that their fresh bread cabinet had completely disappeared. When I enquired at the checkout, the attendant informed me that they were no longer doing fresh baked products across all Australian stores. 😦

I was really sad as their $1.99 tiger loaf was absolutely delicious at a bargain price. So I went to drown my sorrows in a packet of small frozen vanilla slices (also known as ‘snot blocks’ in Australia). It seemed easy enough, just defrost the portions for 20 minutes at room temperature and then they are ready to go.

Not exactly like the real thing from your local bakery as the custard is very light, but still, a tasty tiny morsel that is ready in a matter of minutes. Tee hee, so cute and teeny tiny.


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